New Years Eve 2014

As this year comes to an end & as I sit and ponder on the years happenings, I can truly say that I am ready. I am ready to close out the old and start with the new. Tomorrow is a new day, a new year, a fresh new page with no mistakes in it as Anne Shirley would say.

I am ready...

December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014
The Lavy House
I have uploaded a few of the pictures from our 2014 Christmas Supper. All the children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren (except one) was here. We had a Christmas buffett with ham & turkey plus all the carry - ins. It was so good!  My camera wasn't working so we had to use phone cameras. I may be able to add a couple more pictures as soon as I acquire them.

Paul read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and Kinsey played the piano for us when we sang our Christmas carols.

The first picture shows our Christmas tree in the dining room. I used my small one again this year because of the space. Also, in this picture is my new screen that I acquired at my sisters primitive & collectables shop. I love it! We didn't have the fireplace going, but had it been on, I'm sure this screen would have protected some little fingers.

My Advent displace that was on my dining room table, is on a silver tray that my oldest son acquired & gave me to clean up. I thought this was nice because I didn't have to worry about tipped over candles.

The last three pictures are of  Paul reading the Christmas story, Kinsey playing for us & Merrill & I with the children.
December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014
Our 46 th Wedding Anniversary