Blogging, Oh My...

Surprise, I'm blogging again. It has been a real challenge to blog this month. I have been so busy with working, vacationing, camping and so on...

The garden is coming along. The rains are just perfect and so is the weather. I just love it. I'm not a fan of real hot weather. I like it on the cooler side.

Saturday, I worked at the Master Gardeners Miami County Garden Tour. I wasn't able to see all the gardens because I had so much to do at the beginning of last week after I got back from camp. But, the garden that I worked at and a couple others that I saw by just driving by, were very nice.

We just had our Phillips Family Reunion and I got to see some of my family from other states as well as those in Oh. It is so nice to talk about old times and find out how they are doing now.

Well, That's about it for today!

Back From Camp...

We got back from camp Sun. night. Of course, we spent yesterday cleaning out the camper. I still have things to get put away since I've had gardening, yard work and other jobs to do. So, we are back in the groove of things.

Beth and I picked cherries this morning. Isaiah ate cherries this morning sooo... he had the time of his life running around the tree, playing in the grass and eating cherries. :)

We came back to my house and hoed in the garden. The last beans that I planted came up great! It is starting to get exciting. We have 3 really nice cabbage heads and the potatoes are looking great too. The garlic is coming through, the later tomatoes are looking good, and the corn is getting big. The corn that I started inside (my experiment) is tasseling. It is early sun glow and it is a small corn, so we'll see how it does. Anyway, that was a fun project.

Isaiah picked the first two red tomatoes. Yeah! Our goal is by the fourth of July and we beat it by well over a week. The funny thing is the green one he picked, I didn't get fried and it turned red while I was at camp.

I'll try to get some garden pictures later. Right, now there are a few more things to get in and then I can get a breather. The real harvesting shouldn't start until August and that is nice because we start getting cooler evenings. Beth's baby is due in November so I know that she is anxious to get things put away by September.

It has been a great June. Nice rains and cool weather. What more can you ask for. It was just, one nice spring! In fact, our time at camp was great. It was very comfortable in the services. That was a blessing!

"Oh, remember this, there is never a time when we may not hope in God."

-George Mueller

Still More Gardening...

I knew that it was going to rain so I hurried out this morning and planted another row of green beans. The last green beans that I planted didn't come up real cold and wet, so some rotted. Hopefully, these will come up good. I'll plant some more after our church camp if I need to. I also, put in some more tomato plants and some garlic sets. I planted some zinnia seed too. These were some that I saved from last year and I just wanted to cover an area with flowers. I got a little roto-tilling and weed work done and then it ... rained. Yeah...I was needing it. It saved me from getting out the watering can for my plants.

The picture is of the peony by our mail box. It was really pretty this year. It is a pink one that Merrill's Grandmother Lavy had so it is very old. I divided it and put it by the mail box.

Now, I'm thinking about taking a little rest. Merrill came home and is getting a little siesta now.

Sounds like a good idea to me. :)

Garden Almost In...

Beth, Isaiah and I worked in the garden this morning. It is quite fun gardening with a two year old. Now, he wants to be in and a part of it, but from experience, we may have a little struggle in a few years. Anyway, we got quite a bit done with the weeding and planting.

This is a picture of a tomato that Isaiah thought needed to be off the plant. I guess I'll make lemonade out of lemons, so to speak, and make fried green tomatoes.

Sad note, Paul and Candy got their car stolen. I got an early call from Ryan. He said, "someone stole our car!." (I thought he'd called so early to tell me of something exciting that they were going to do.) Candy's purse was in the car, but they only took her credit and debit cards. They threw the rest of her purse and contents in the bushes. They stole Paul's GPS and some other things too. They stole a neighbor mans billfold out of his car.

They were able to get finger prints off the neighbors kids Bible. I don't think that the finger prints in Paul's car weren't real clear. Maybe, just maybe, they should have tried reading it and forgot the whole theft thing, but that didn't happen.

To make a long story short, Sherlock Holmes,as I call Paul, or Magnum PI, as Paul calls himself, got on the investigation. He talked to the neighbors, and got some important information which he handed over to the police and the robber has been apprehended. A sad day that ends a little better. I'm not sure they'll get everything back, but at least they have a car and they got the credit cards stopped.

Well, that is a little of today's news. We just never know what a day holds!

Nice Morning...

Well, it is a nice morning with an easy going rain... I love it! :)
I did get the roto-tilling that I wanted done for my next planting completed before the rain. So, Beth and I can plant either tomorrow eve. or Thurs. Of course, since God controls the rain, and the weather man doesn't, He may have some surprises for us. But, we want to plant before I leave for camp, so hopefully, that is possible.

I got three different sets of shrubs trimmed yesterday at three different places. Quite frankly, I was tired, sore and could hardly move. If I had been able to move more readily, I might have roto-tilled and planted it all last night. I did quit working outside when it started getting really hot. Hot and me don't get along, especially, if it is in the 90's. I can handle the 80's fairly well, just not the 90's. My lungs just don't like it!

Folks, I'm advising you to plant a garden. With grocery prices what they are and the doom and gloom reporters what they are... it's just reasonable to plant a garden. The exercise is good, the mental relief is good, the food is good and it is just fun! You don't have to do the best, be the best or have the best, but it's the trying and learning and enjoying that counts. But, I am serious. If nothing else, do it to hand the knowledge down to younger generations. And, that is something to consider.

Are you wondering about the rooster? Well, I just like the rooster, but it does remind me of a rooster that I had many years ago. This guy was in a fenced in area and he loved to strut around. I think that he knew that he was beautiful. He was so proud... but pride goes before a fall. He just disappeared! I don't know if foxes got him or what, but I missed that rooster. He was neat!

Now, that's not like the chicken that disappeared... ask Steve and Amy about that. I think they have some confessing to do... oops, sorry, they did confess... they have a story to tell!

Mystery Solved...

If you read my daughter Beth's blog, you will know that she is having a girl. The mystery is solved. Of course, sometimes there are surprises at birth. But, for the most part, they are usually right with all of today's technology.

The days are hot and muggy now. Quite the change from a few months ago. First we hear it's too cold and now it's too hot and muggy. Well, we've had a lot of rain and hot and muggy goes with a lot of rain. The way to handle it is to go out when it's not so hot, especially if you're gardening. Try to work in the early morning so that you can be done by 10 or later in the day usually after 4 or 5. I still like my seasons and this goes with the season.

I've been trying to get some things done so that I can go to camp and not have to worry about them. Sometimes plans don't work out, but we try, don't we. It's better to try and have things change, than not to try, and for sure have a mess. It's kinda like planning a mess by not planning! :) lol!

I will always remember reading Rudyard Kipling when I was a girl. He said, "Plan your work and work your plan." I was about 12 then and I am almost 60 now, so that's a long time ago!

Rain & Storms

I think everyone knows that I like rain. I always have and probably always will. But, I do not like storms and lightening. The storm last night was so loud and the lightening was so close. It was something else. We are thankful that there wasn't any tornados here. I think at least the western part of Oh was hard hit with the storm. I was out today and there is lots of water, probably 3 1/2-4 1/2 inches. Lots of flooding.

In the news...

On the brighter side, I'm glad Chevy is coming out with this electric car. It will be out in 2010. Let's hope that it is reasonable in price. But, it still will not help those that need a bigger vehicle. They are going to have to come up with something for those that don't want a dinky car. I know it can be done. America has some brilliant minds. All we need is someone who can invent something that will work in existing autos similar to the electric car. We need someone willing to help others and not try to make his billions. He'd probably do that anyway. Anyway, back to my story, this electric car goes 400 miles before needing to refuel and it gets 150 mile per gallon. Now, whether GM will be reasonable or not with its price.

Link to the electric car called the Volt. Yea GM, good for you!,2933,363203,00.html

This is a great, must read article, about all the oil that we have in American and Congress will not let us touch it. It is a great article that needs to get around.

Also, more news for America. Newt Gingrich is pushing a campaign for lowering your gas prices and drilling in America to free us from foreign oil. It is called Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.Hey, who knows pushing this agenda might work, at least people know that we are tired of this Congress not letting us drill in the states. In the news today, S Dakota voted to drill for oil in their state and then the news of the electric car. If enough people go for this Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less. campaign, Congress might listen. Until then check out the campaign.

Check out this web site if you are interested in signing his campaign petition.

Last but not least...

I got a pretty good deal at CVS. I had $10 in bucks that I needed to use. They had their toilet paper and paper towels that you got $10 in bucks back on with a $20 purchase. So I got two (8pk) rolls of paper towels, and two (9pk) rolls of toilet paper for $10 w my bucks and I have $10 in bucks for my next trip, so I am pleased. At least I didn't loose my bucks and I have bucks for the next purchase. :)

Well, so much for todays ramblings. Have a great day!


We could just start the week off with a little nonsense...

I was reading Rush Limbaugh today and he had a little article and link to a video about eating bugs of all things. I'm talking creepy crawly things. Quite frankly, I almost got sick to my stomach watching it. This is the new green alternative for meat.

Please, if you are going to take up bug eating, don't eat the lady bugs and other good garden bugs. Eat the roaches, the world could use a few less of them. Don't forget the spiders, wasps and yellow jackets. Sorry, just trying to help!

Check out his article to see what I mean: (then click watch the video under the picture)

All I can say is "please give me a big juicy T bone steak or prime rib any day!"
“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” II Corinthians 5: 17