42 nd Wedding Anniversary...

Today, we are celebrating our 42 nd Wedding Anniversary!

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day ...

The Fourth Sunday of Advent 2010...

Today, we celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent. The candle that we light today represents peace. (All the purple candles and the pink candle are lit.) We can thank God for His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, who is the Prince of Peace.

"For unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."
-Isaiah 9:6

Blessings of Christmas Thomas Kinkade

I've been listening to Christmas tapes from the Kinkade series & I thought you might be interested in Thomas Kinkade explaining his paintings. I just love Kinkade pictures. He is my favorite painter.

I've notice that the stores, magazines and papers have lost the true meaning of Christmas. They don't even have the spirit of a wonder family time of year. I hope you enjoy this.


Busy Busy Time of The Year...

It's a hustling & bustling busy, busy time of the year. It just seems like their is always something to do or get. I just love it!

I have tried to stay in as much as I can and sleep as much as I can to get over this bug or at least keep it at bay. So far, so good.

Dean Martin - Let it Snow!

We'll dedicate this to mom & dad since it has snowed on their anniversary.

Happy 65th Anniversary...

Happy 65th Anniversary to my parents, Clarence & Rose Phillips. The sweetest and most loving parents a lady can have. Even in their 80's, they stay young! Love you lots, mom and dad!

The Third Sunday of Advent 2010...

A pink or rose colored candle is lit on the third Sunday of Advent and it symbolizes Joy for the coming of Christ. We light this candle to thank God for His Son our Savior who brings us great joy. (We will have the first three of the Advent candles lit today.)There is truly joy in knowing Christ as Lord and Savior.

Read: Isaiah 35:10

Thy Word - Maranatha Singers

Wow, what a week!

I've been battling the results of this virus for over a month. This week has been the best. I am still a little hoarse, but there are so many that I've come in contact with that are in the same boat, so to speak. Anyway, I went to church last Sunday, went to a woman's Christmas banquet with my daughter-in-law, Minda, on Monday night, went to Bear Creek Farm's last night to celebrate my son Duane's birthday and to Centerville to celebrate the Phillip's Christmas with my aunts, uncles and cousins. It has been quite a busy week. I'm tired but holding up fairly good.

I have a couple more things to go to this next week, but they are calling for a snow storm. So, we will see. I'm not much for getting out in bad weather.

The woman's Christmas banquet was nice. Lot's of different tables decorated by table leaders. Festive and beautiful. The food was good as well as the speaker.

Friday, we had a bountiful meal at Bear Creek Farms in Indiana. That's always a fun trip. My son Duane & his wife, Minda & her parents met us there to celebrate Duane's birthday. This is an annual trip and we really enjoy it. Of course, they have a great food court and it's a nice little resturant and shop.

Today was so much fun! The Phillips Family Christmas is always fun and upbeat! We ate at the Golden Coral. Mr. & Mrs. Claus stopped in and we were able to get the Aunts & Uncles from ages around 78 - 90 to get pictures with them. Some took quite a bit of coaxing, but we all laughed until some almost cried. It was so funny! Actually, all of us were at least in one picture with the Claus's. Santa told me that we have one really neat family. I am inclined to agree with him. The Aunt's & Uncles have always been loving and fun. In fact, it was probably the brightest spot in the resturant with all the laughs, hugs and gift giving. The waiters & other employees were quite friendly and seemed to enjoy it all.

One thing about this Christmas sticks out so much. People just do not appear happy. I looked around the restuarant at all the miserable people. They've lost the joy. I mean, there were not many smiling faces... just glum sullenness. The Santa and I were talking about it. Their business cards say, "Jesus is the reason for the season." The Santa & Mrs. Claus allow them to get into different groups, but Christ is their real message. We give because it represents God's great gift to us... Jesus!
Jesus is The Reason For The Season

We celebrate Christmas by showing other's God's love through our giving. It is a great time of year to show the real meaning of Christmas to those we come in contact with. It is a good time of year to give to someone you are not normally connected with and share God's gift of love.

DO NOT let the world steal Christmas. DO NOT buy gifts for a holiday. Spend your hard earned money for a reason. Let the world know that Jesus Is The Reason For The Season. Gift gifts of love to remind other's of God's great gift to us. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Thank the Lord for a good week!
Merry Christmas!

Celebraiting Christmas At The Food Court With The Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

This clip will bring a praise from your heart and tears to your eyes!

The second Sunday of Advent we light the second purple candle which represents love. (We will have both the first & second Advent candles lit today.) We are reminded how the way was prepared for His coming.
Scripture reading: Mark 1:1-8

The second candle is lit to remind of the messenger sent to prepare us for the coming of Christ. God so loves us. We pray that our love will grow more deeply as we celebrate God's gift at Christmas.

Wise Men Still Seek Him

First Sunday of Advent 2010...

Today, is the First Sunday of Advent 2010. We will start our spiritual journey in remembrance of the birth of our Savior and Lord. The real meaning of Christmas!

Isaiah 60:1-3

Today, we light the first purple candle which represents hope. We light this candle to represent the hope of the world which is Jesus Christ.

"Advent, Advent

the little light burns,

First one, then two,

then three, then four,

Then the Christ child

at the door."


Dear God, thank you for sending sending Jesus, our Savior. We know that today He lives and reigns with you and that He will come again. Just as we have read in your word about the first coming and the fullfilling of the Old Testement prophasies. You are today our continuous source of hope. We thank you for the hope, peace and joy that we have through your salvation. Now, we anxiously wait for Jesus second coming. Amen

Thanksgiving Memories...

I have so many fond Thanksgiving memories from down through the years. Hopefully, you do to. The older we get and as the years go by, we are just thankful for those that can be present at our dinners. So many have passed on, but we still have the memory of times gone by.

My Aunt Edna was able to be with us at my parents. It was special for us and I know that it was special for her. Our oldest grandson, Kyle, was able to be with us also. That was a very special treat! Again, I was so thankful that I have my parents & brothers and sister's families to share Thanksgiving with. Our bond was strengthened again as we held hands, prayed and gave thanks for our blessings and family.

Of course, their was lots of turkey and delicious food, reminiscing and just loving each other. After all, we never know what a year holds, but we were enjoying the moment.

The evening Thanksgiving meal was held at our home with our children that could be there. Beth, Mike & the kids were in Kansas to share Thanksgiving with Amy, Monte & their kids. It's not hard to share a twin when I know how much the other one needs her. Blessings on them all. Also, Blessings on my family that shared the evening meal with Merrill & I.

I sincerely hope you who are reading this post had a blessed Thanksgiving time too!

The American Tea Party...

We've just experienced "The American Tea Party!"

God Bless America...

Privilege To Vote...

Thank God for the Privilege to Vote in America!

We are such a blessed people. We have the greatest country on earth. We have nice homes, food, clothing and wonderful families. We can worship our God in freedom. We can work our jobs. We are blessed!

Yes, there are things wrong. Everything isn't perfect. That is why we are voting today. We are working to make things more perfect and trying to undo some of the bad changes that have been made in recent years. But, we are still the best!

God Bless America!

Beautiful Autumn Day...

Today was a beautiful Autumn Day. A cool, crisp & sunny day packed from morning to night with work & running to do.

The weatherman is calling for two more days in the mid 50's and then the temperature is suppose to drop down into the 40's.

I have a few more outdoor things that I would like to get done before bad weather. I still have my building to get organized, but I would also like to get the flower gardens ready for winter.

As usual, after all the outside projects are done there is a never ending bunch of indoor things to do.

Cool Crisp Day...

Today was a cool crisp day. It wasn't too bad working outside after it got a little warmth to it.

Merrill & I were noticing that there was a little color to the leaves yesterday as we drove home from church. Last week end when we went to Ky for the weekend, the leaves were brown and falling. I think the rain has helped a little plus there are different tree leaves showing color now. Let's hope for more beautiful fall colors. After all, that's part of the fun of fall. The beautiful colors.

I ate at my parents today. As usual, Mom made a great soup and pineapple upside down cake. We had a nice visit. My parents are fun people to visit.

The crops are off and it has rained so I got to burn my trash in the burn barrel. Yeah! I really didn't like it being so dry. Last week there were a couple field fires in our area. That's just a little too scary. I'm soooo thankful for the rain!

Well, that's about it for today...

Something To Think About...

"Good health, good humor, and good sense, no one is poor with this defense."

-Helen Steiner Rice

It's So Good To Be Back...

It's so good to be back on a blogging pattern. If you think it's been a little bit crazy here. I put up some of my posts that were just sitting there. I changed some of the dates since they were actually written at an earlier time, some I just let them go up when they were dated. I need to get on top of things. That said...

I'm just loving this weather. Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. Beautiful color, mixed weather (up & down) and just doing different things. I guess I'm also ready for the garden to end and get everything ready for winter.

What's on... I made my first pot of homemade soup this week. Mmmm mmm good! I love homemade soup and chili. I like my soup in cool or colder weather. I also made homemade bread. I don't do a lot of bread baking in the summer either. Mmmm mmm good! I made fudge a couple weeks ago, but I may make it again this week. Plus, I think I'll look up a new recipe to try.

Note: I'm working on glitches... for some reason this did not go up as it should have.

Long Weekend...

I had a long and eventful week end. It all started Friday morning with Breanna's grandparents day. We had lunch and a patriotic program. It was so cute!

Friday evening we celebrated my father-in-laws 90th birthday. I need to see if I can get a picture to post from Beth. He is such a dear and loved his party. The cake was beautiful, a big part of the family was able to come, and of course Grandpa was doing pretty good.

Saturday morning Merrill & I left for Ky for my family reunion. We got there in time for a big country breakfast. The group is getting smaller and smaller. So many are passing away and it seems the younger generation doesn't go in for reunions much. It was good to see my Uncle and cousin from Georgia as well as other family and friends.

Last year was the dangerous year and we did not have it. In fact, it's a miracle that I'm still alive. There was this big bad flood that covered the roads. The shelter and cabin is up in the hills and my parents were stranded up there. I gunned on the gas a plowed through the high water several times, and I was so shaky by the time I got to their Ky house. Going home really scared me because I saw what I drove through at one spot and it was a creek out of it's banks. I would have been a goner if my van had tipped over. I spent the night worrying about my parents up in the hills and just hoping that they didn't try to get out. My uncles and brother went up the next morning to try to get to them. The road was all washed out but in spite of it all they were able to get out. The government repaired the road and it was in pretty good shape this week end. My husband calls it a trail because it is barely one car width.

I wanted to be able to stay a little longer and sit out on the porch and enjoy the beauty of the hills above the valley, but it didn't work out that way this trip. Hopefully, another time. I did enjoy driving the country roads back in the hills. They are so secluded.

We came home yesterday, but I've been really tired today and haven't got a lot accomplished. Of course, resting up to stay well might be considered an accomplishment. We'll call it that anyway!

Have a good evening!

There Will Be Peace In The Valley...

I have always liked Johnny Cash's bass voice. Recently, I was reading their life's story. They had many deep sins and struggles, but God changed them. When he and June Carter went to the Holy Land several years back, it made a deep impression on their hearts. God can save and change anyone, not matter what stage of life you're in.

I just got back from a trip to Ky today. This morning I was in the valley looking up at the beautiful hills. I just thought about this song and decided to share it with you.

Step Forward Then Step Back...

Sometimes we just step forward then step back. That's the way my computing has been lately. I got this virus just before Labor Day. I could not do anything on my computer. I could not even restore it.

Big decision... I just reloaded the whole computer from start. I lost a lot of things, but remembered the importance of saving to cd, external hard drive, USB drive or an external program like Mosey. I've traveled this road before, so I should have had things backed up. Excuse, it's summer and I didn't have time.

To make a long story short... I got everything loaded back on. My Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite and some other useful programs. Guess what? I got another big virus Monday. Same virus... I was all locked up again and couldn't use restore dates, but I was able to do a default restore and pretty much followed the same path I did right before Labor Day. Only, I still have to get my Office and Adobe Suite back on. Lesson learned! I do have a disk with the pictures that I had in my picture file so that helped a little and I had my library and office files so it's just half sad. :0 Maybe, reading about my misfortune will be a reminder to someone to backup their files.

Now for some good things...

Our weather is great! My favorite times, weather wise, are in the fall and summer. The temperatures are soooo agreeable. Not too hot and not too cold.

I just made a batch of applesauce and apple butter. Mmmm good! I also baked bread for the first time in a while. Right now an apple nut cake is in the oven. I guess you could say that I'm having an apple of a time!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Slowing Down...

I am so glad that things are slowing down. I am so ready for fall! I don't know how the colors will be because it hasn't rained very much in the last 6-8 wks.

The cooler weather sure makes for easier outside work. It just takes some getting use to, but I like it. Hopefully, I can get the garden beds, the garage and basement in good shape before too long.

Since things are slowing down I've been able to do a few fun things. I've been working on a new afghan for our bedroom. I'm looking forward to getting the sewing machine projects started that I want to do. Plus, I'll be able to spend more time on the computer with my writing, pictures, art, designing and forex trading etc. I really look forward to all thatagain. It is too bad we don't have 48 hrs. in a day so that we could get more things done. Like I've said... I'm just ready.

Well, that's about it for today. The rest of it is works in progress...

Have a great day!

New Month...

Well, we are into a new month. I always look as the day after Labor Day as the first of September. When I was a girl, many, many years ago, school didn't start until after Labor Day. We had nice long summer vacations. I feel so sad for today's children because I think they need this time off. Life goes fast enough without giving up your childhood. There will be a lifetime of learning.

Saturday, Merrill & I went to Berne Indiana. It was nice to have a day trip and get away. We drove the country side which is one of my husband's favorite things. We love the land, farms, animal and the different farm buildings. Times change and today's farms are different than those from years gone by.
I shopped in Berne. I got two individual butter crocks. I saw these for the first time in Holmes County Oh at the Lehman's store. They keep butter fresh for up to 30 days on the table. These were little crocks instead of the bigger one. I have already really like the little things. Real butter is ready when you need it. Bigger ones will hold about a stick of butter. It is soft and it is sealed in the crock. Pretty neat! I also picked up another corn cutter. This one is different than the one that I currently use. It works great also and is easier to clean than my long one.

We enjoyed a leisurely walk through the Bear Creek Farm Village. We ate at the Bear Creek Farms restaurant. Wow! They have great food!

It turned out to be a pretty nice day. We were very tired when we got home.

Yesterday, we had a great family get-to-gather time at Paul & Candy's house. Wayne and Wilma & girls made it back from Colorado Sunday eve., so they were there as well as Steve & Buffy's family, Beth and Isaiah and some of Candy's family. Good food, fun and relaxation. What a great way to end summer vacation and celebrate Labor Day.
That's the run down of recent activites...

Sometimes Life is A Roller Coaster...

Sometimes, life is a roller coaster with many ups and downs... that has been my last 3+ weeks...

My mom's health, my dad's health, my grandson getting hurt and today we found out my Uncle Don has kidney cancer. Life has it's challenges.

The economy and the times around us is challenging as well as our own personal problems. That's why I've been posting the encouraging songs the last few weeks. We can always count on God. He knows all about it before we even pray.

I read a saying last week... "Our lives constantly change, but God never changes!" Yes, there are preachers and teachers who try to water down God's work, but God and His Word never Changes... that we need to know!

Yearly, St. Rt. 127 Yard Sale...

Today's the start of the yearly St. Rt. 127 Yard Sale. It starts in Michigan and ends in Tennessee, August 5 - 8, 2010.

Great time to take a road trip and shop at the same time. Unfortunately, I can't go far, but I might check it out here in Darke County.

It will be lots of fun with lots of great buys!

Animals, Animals & More Animals...

This week and this week only... I am accepting... animals, animals and more animals. Of course, this is just talk. I've got my hands full.

My parents gave me five kittens on the day one of our old barn cats presented us three new kittens. Adding those cats, plus the one kitten my parents gave me last week and the pet cat, Tuluse... I have around 11 cats (mostly kittens). The trick is getting most of them to be barn cats and keep the mice down. Another trick is keeping them at all. We have coyotes and they have come up as far as our garden, plus cats have a mind of their own and sometimes decide they want to go elsewhere exp. when they are introduced to a new place.

Now... I have chickens. Five Rhode Island Reds that my son, Steve brought over last evening. Steve, Nick & Brett help me set up the chicken operation. Small chicken house and fenced in area. It looks kinda cute. I will get pictures later.

I may even get a rooster! Proud old roosters are fun to watch... they strut around showing off their beautiful colors.

I told my mom this morning, "if you know anyone who has a goat, cow or pig let them know that I want one." NOT! I have my hands full now!!!

Of course, I wouldn't mind a goose! lol!!!

July Birthdays...

Happy Birthday to all!

We have several July birthdays...

Connie (me), Beth, Amy (left) & Breanna (right, top), David (center) & Brooklyn (right, bottom)

O Nuts...

Yesterday, this little guy came to visit that is always looking for my O Nuts!

Isaiah and Sophia pretty much finished off a box of O Nuts. Beth and I probably got a couple.(They probably needed the sugar for temporary energy to work in the garden. (Donuts are O Nuts to my little grandson.)

Beth and I weeded the tomatoes. We put cages and stakes on the tomatoes to keep them up off the ground. That was about all we got done because it was so humid and hot.

Being in an air conditioned house is a great choice...

A Woman's Work Is Never Done...

It is true... a woman's work is never done. From the time you step out of bed in the morning until you climb into bed at night. Women that work outside the home and try to keep up their homes have an enormous job on their hands. That's one reason we appreciate our mothers and grandmothers. They kept things going and taught us how to do the same...

We all have jobs that we like to do and others we just do. Personally, I do love to garden. Weed whacking and grass mowing are also fun. I think the love of grass mowing goes back to my teen years when I got to drive the riding mower. That was my first set of wheels. lol :) I guess my parents knew what they were doing when they sent me out to mow.

My daughter Beth and I garden together. She's a big help. This is a picture of her picking beans last year. This year we have fences up and climbing beans. As you probably already know, picking beans is hard on the legs and back and I didn't want Beth to have to do all the picking. Of course, our beans were planted later this year because of the rains. I am not at all sad about that. Hopefully, I can get some nice pictures later of our pole beans.

I worked in our beans and tomatoes last night. We've got bug problems in the tomatoes, but the beans are looking real good. The Japanese beetles are out and they are going to have to be dealt with. I'm going out to week whack now as soon as I finish this looong post.

I've been out to feed my cats and dog. Speaking about the pets. I have a new little kitty, Mittens (III). It is a cute little kitten. It is gray with white paws just like the previous two. You can lay it upside down and it will take all the loving you can give it. You can rub it's tummy & it's paws. It let's me swing it and it is so happy with it's little motor running. It purr's so cute! He lives on my back porch in the box that I got him in. He calls it home. Hopefully soon, I can get him a cat house made for winter.

Zeus is shedding right now. So he's not looking so cute, but he is as sweet as a big, big dog can be. He's an Alaskan Malamute. He just a big baby and he loves cats. He very mild mannered.

Tuluse is my white Kansas cat. Amy gave her to me. She is a very pretty long haired cream colored white cat with very lt. tan on her ears and feet. She is a very loving cat also. She is caged, but will be moving in with Zeus soon. They have bonded the last couple of months. I put her cage next to his kennel. She was almost killed early in the spring so she is caged for safety. Her half brother Podunk disappeared in the winter as well as about 5 of our barn cats. Our guess is that the coyote got them. We are getting more barn cats.

Sometime soon... I need to get our pets pictures up...

God Is Our Strength ...

God is our strength and power in the hard times. God gives us peace in life's circumstances...

Last week...

Mom was rushed to the hospital again with extremely high blood pressure... things were totally uncertain. This has been the fourth time in about a year. They are still not able to really find the problem, but some health issues are starting to come forward that could cause the problem. To me, this is urgent and needs fixed now, but my desire doesn't change the fact that the cause can't be specifically pinpointed. Each hospital experience has a different cause, so actually, we haven't progressed a lot. She is out now and she is having a lot of pain, so we do have a new ongoing problem. They are still running more blood tests and she has another specialist to see, so hopefully, they can find something soon.

The Lord is our comfort and strength is this circumstance. Mom's life is in God's hands. He shows all of us so much and leads us all the way.

This morning...

I am feeling quite refreshed from a day of rest! Isn't it amazing how taking just one day off a week can make you feel so much better and ready to take on a new week with new experiences.

I was totally exhausted from Mom's hospital experience, to having some business & family things to do, canning 14 qt. of chicken on Friday afternoon, a family reunion Saturday, picking both my dwarf Red Haven peach trees Saturday afternoon and finishing the evening off with a visit to my parents. I'm glad every week isn't like last week. I just fell into bed totally tired from a big week of activity.

Last night, my mind worked on this weeks work while I was trying to sleep. Maybe all the mind scheduling will work. That's why I make lists... so I can sleep! I'm working on my list for tonight...

So, we shall see what this week holds. For sure, we never know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow...

Down To Earth...

I just love to listen to down to earth people...

Today, it just seems like everybody is an authority. I agree that we are probably the most educated and book learned people ever in the world, but when it comes to thinking for yourself and commonsense. In today's world, I think we are lacking.

That's why I like to listen to what old timers have to say. I like the common man and woman. They are real and sincere. I can sit and listen for hours about history which includes work, every day living and WWII. Our older citizens have so much to offer. Our middle aged citizens have much to offer also. We've been a hard working generation. We've been blessed with good work years, good medical care and the best of everything. The future is in the balances...

Hopefully, our children and grandchildren will learn the quality of being down to earth no matter what their education and make good choices that will ensure that they have the same freedom and lifestyle that our elders and our middle age citizens have provided. Eliteness is not good. Wisdom is good.

Here I Am To Worship...

Here I Am To Worship...

Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that you're my God...

Disclaimer: This song is for praise only. All advertisements are from an outside source.

In The Heat Of The Summer...

It was so hot and humid last week that it was hard to work outside in the afternoon. It is mid-July and it is in the heat of the summer... so what more could we expect? In fact, I was thinking last night that it is not really any different than it was when my children were home and we were trying to work out in mid summer... just hot and humid. It doesn't work well with my asthma, but it never has. While we are talking about the weather, I don't think it is as hot as it has been in a lot of summers past. We just tend to forget. After all this is July.

Last week, I did get part of the corn patch harvested and put up. A big thanks to my daughter, Beth. We do our garden together and she helped me pull the corn. I got 22 bags and she got around 25. The worst part was pulling it in the hot weather. Thursday, I had a funeral in the morning, lunch with my parents and brother and then worked in the hot garden. The ideal way to do it is pick the corn in the early morning, but that was not possible. We were both so hot and exhausted that we processed the corn on Friday. We got the job done, so that was great!

Friday evening, we went to Isaiah's Bible School program. This is his second year at this church vbs and he loved it. He was so cute... Beth didn't want me to laugh, but he was running in place so fast. I just had to. The stress of the situation must have got to him. I told Beth that I think he'll be a runner in the spirit. He did great reciting his verses and singing. Of course, he waved when I got there... hi grandma, and then on the platform... hi Sophia! Cute! I love kids!!!
Saturday, we went to a ball game and picnic at our church. It was nice to relax and talk at the end of a busy week. We stopped by Paul & Candy's and had ice cream and cake before goinig home. I was exhausted.

Sunday, Merrill went and ate breakfast with his dad at the Brethren's Home. His dad has not been well, so it was great they could be together. He wouldn't be able to go to the Lavy reunion. We went to church and then to the Lavy reunion. We had not been there for many, many years, but Merrill wanted to go since there were relatives up from Virginia that we had not seen for a long, long time. It was great to see the family. Of course, we've all aged and with some it did take a little second glance to make sure who it was. There was well over 200 people attending. It's a big family. I did enjoy the stories that some of the older ones told about the old ways and dating and family fun. After we got home, I fell into bed with complete exhaustion. The week had caught up with me.

This morning, I've been slow getting around. I'v slept in... I've cleaned a little, but now I need to get into full force. It's just the beginning of another busy week.

That's about it for my update...

Have a great week!

What... A Perfect July!

What a perfect July we are having. Last week was extremely hot and humid, but this wk is considerably cooler with rain. I love it!

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to blog...

Just a quick run down... we've been on a short trip & church family camp, plus our daughter, Amy, and her family have been here from Kansas. That was a special treat for Beth and I because we all share the same birthday.

The garden is coming along pretty good. We've been eating corn.Soon, the tomatoes will be ripe. I may fry some green tomatoes tonight if I can't find a ripe one. The beans are growing, but they aren't yeilding yet. We got our fence stretched last week for them to climb up. That was one hot job. It has been a challenge with the rains, but the rains have been nice for the flower and vegetable garden. I really can't complain.

Summer's almost half over... how time flies!

Well, that's about it for now... have a great day!

Few Days Off...

Wow, I'm going to get a few days off...

I'm going to church camp. That means my husband will have to watch the home fires for a few days. I'm trying to get things so that he can batch it without much problem. I've got him his tv dinners plus lots of extras, his clothes are laid out for each day and the dog and cat have their feeders full. He just needs to check on them.

I'm so looking forward to spiritual refreshment and enjoyable times with family and friends. It's just nice to get a way.

At the home front... I got a little more garden in yesterday, right before the rain. The garden center owner in our area said lots of people are having a hard time getting their gardens in because of the rains. Other plants and seeds are in pots to put out when I get back because now it is mud, mud, mud.

I'm part of a Lady Beetle Project and have my little collector in the garden. I went out to see how it was doing this morning and there are a few bugs, but I didn't see any lady beetles. It just keeps raining and raining. Hopefully, there will be some dry times this week and I can get some beetles to identify. I'll talk more about this project later, probably, in August when I do my last test.

In closing, the laundry is about ready and all I need to do is clean a little before I leave. I'm looking forward to a great week and I wishing you the same.

Just When You Need A Good Laugh...

"Maybe this is the last year I'm going hunting."

Just when you need a good laugh, it arrives in the mail.

After going out to survey the storm damage so far we have 2 nice trees down and some barn roof off. While I was out checking things over I picked up my mail.

We received this card, but it took me awhile to figure out who sent it. But, being a mystery lover, I'm pretty sure it is from good friends Mark, Sherri, Ron & Elois on vacation. The postmark is in Arizona and they were going to Arizona. I'll let you know if I am right.

It's kind of hard to see, but it is an older gentleman hooked up to nourishment with his nurse in the back of a pickup truck at the edge of a wooded area. Come to think of it... there are many a man that I know that this would be fitting to send to.

Anyway, It's pretty cute!!! :)

We Got Rain...

Wow, we got rain. A little town not far from us had 6" in the streets, but at that time we did not get it real hard. Then, late last night it just came down in torrents with lightening and the whole works.

I unplugged my computer and monitor because I had already lost my laptop and a printer with a power surge a couple months ago and I didn't want to take a chance on losing my desktop and monitor.

I got my flash light, oil lamp, candles and matches out preparing for the worst. The lights flickered off a couple of times, but that was the extent of it. The wind was pretty strong and we have some turned over chairs and other debris but that's about it for us here.

We have 2 sump pumps for such occasions as heavy rains and they have been going almost constantly. So far, everything is working good.

This has been a good year for rains. I've had a hard time getting the garden in, but what I've got in is doing good. Right now there are puddles in the gardens and it doesn't look like it will be dry for some time.

Well, that's about it for here in my part of the country.

Have a good day!

The Beginning of a New Week...

I love beginnings Years, months and weeks all work... I guess it's just a new starting point. Of course, I like the end too, they are ending points, but that's another blog entry.

This is the beginning of a new week. I've got lot's that I need to do. I've been working on my goose neck plant. It's a big plant and I'm digging it out as fast as I can and transplanting it in other places, just like my hostas. I gave some of those away and I may just be doing that with the goose neck plant.

The day lilies are blooming nice. Also, the Knock out rose that I planted 3 yr ago has an abundance of blooms. It is so neat! Just keep dead heading and this rose will not disappoint you. The picture that I posted today is the first Knock Out rose that I planted. I planted one in my front flower bed this year as well as an Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I hope they do well there. I love the leaves on the Oak Leaf Hydrangea. They are so neat as well as the flowers. It's a nice all year plant.

I think I'm becoming the weed wacking queen. I have an electric charged Black and Decker weed eater. I start out first thing in the morning until it runs down and then I plug it in and use it again in about an hour. Works great for me because I wear out about when the weed eater does. I can go and do other garden work until I'm ready to weed whack again.

Yesterday, was my Phillips Family Reunion. Dad was one of 9 children and this has been a yearly event for many years. Now, that the uncles and aunts are getting older and passing away, our group is getting smaller and smaller. It is so sad each year because someone is gone. The Phillips family has always been one big loving family and I miss so many. But, it is such a treat to get to be with the family of aunts, uncles, & cousins that I love at least once a year.

Well, have a blessed day there is so much to be thankful for!

Our God Is An Awesome God...

Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God!

Be Careful If You Scatter Thorns...

I was reminded of this saying "If you scatter thorns, don't go barefoot!"

How true? For sure, if you cause problems and dissension you will get stuck. A good policy is to be kind, truthful and loving.

"Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Colossians 3:12

God's word says it best!

Another Busy Week...

Well, it's been another busy week. The rains have been a blessing for the seeds and plants that we got it. I've still got more to do, but that will be another day soon.

One highlight this week was getting to see a friend Cythina Winger from Calif. We went to school together and she moved away after she got married. She has several children like I do. It seems their family has lots of fun like ours. Big families are fun and they are more fun after all the grand kids arrive. After 44 yrs. we are doing pretty good. Anyway, it was so enjoyable getting to visit with her.

I have been able to weed eat and get a few more of my hosta's that I divided planted. The rain blessing is much appreciated because it saved me more work!

Have a blessed day!

Love The Knock Out Roses...

I love the Knock Out roses that I got I just planted. I have one of each that has been released. They are so neat. I can't wait until they start blooming. I will try to get pictures then. I also have a rose called White Out. It is not a Knock Out rose but it was bred by the Knock Out rose breeder and called White Out. I am anxious to see if it is as good as the Knock Outs.

I am getting over my soreness, so as soon as I can, I need to get a few more things in my spring - summer vegetable garden. I will share my plantings news with you as soon as I've got the job done.

Right now, I'm working in the flower beds, dividing and moving plants. My big issue is the ribbon snake that was in my goose neck plant. I've got to get that thing before it multiplies. I'm going to divide the plant and make it smaller to see if that helps. It just gives the snake too much hiding space. I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES... don't even tell me how beneficial to the garden they are. There are other ways to get flies and mosquito's. We just had too many frogs, but I don't hear them too much anymore, so I sure hope I don't already have a major snake problem. The good thing is that I have only seen one and that was only once. I'll let you know about this development at a later date.

Finally, Finding Time...

I'm finally, finding time to blog. I've been so busy in the garden and other work that I have not had time to blog, write or just relax. There is just so much to share.
Beth and I worked so hard on the garden Monday. We were out in the garden just a little after 9:30. That's good for me on a Monday morning. Monday mornings I do the slow working stuff and do not push so much. We called it a day at about 2:30. We are sore and tired from all that work.

I still have some finishing up to do, but the basic stuff is in. We will be able to can and freeze. :)

My mother gave me about 2 dozen more tomato plants yesterday, but I will probably go out and mud them in later today since it has rained and rained. Other things I am planting in pots or will just go stick the seed in the mud and cover with straw so that I don't have a brick like ground.

Anyway, I am so pleased. I am really happy for the rain so that I can get some inside things done. I started my laundry at 4:30 this morning. I have a kitchen to finish cleaning and then I'm going to see a friend from California that's in for her church conference.
Spring, summer and fall are busy, busy times, but I love it. I love the winter rest also, but that's another time and a later blog entry.

Have a blessed day!