The Old Barn

August 2007 is almost gone. How time flies! When we were kids events seemed to happen slow, now, they fly by! Today, I would like to share this poem and water color painting with you.

The Old Barn

The old barn was worn
Looking rugged and gray.
The siding was broken.
With places decayed.

The roofing was bent,
Rusty and torn.
Holes were a plenty.
It looked forlorn.

It’s color all gone,
Leaving only a tint.
It’s only imagined,
What color it’s been.

Hidden secrets,
Remain of days gone by.
Never revealing,
Changing times and why.

Connie Lavy (c) 2006

Remember When ...

Do you remember when school did not start until after Labor Day and ended by Memorial Day? That was nice. We had a nice long relaxing summer vacation. I believe kids need that. They need to be home and have some off time to revamp. On my summer vacations, I slept in (that's a given), played with my toys & games, went swimming & to the recreation center, we went on vacation and just hung out. Of course, Mom was home. The big treat was seeing dad every day, beside weekends, because he worked second shift at GM. But, towards the end of summer, everyone knew it was time to get the kids in school. Mom & Dad were ready and the kids were ready. "The Good Old Days!"

WOW! 100 Blog Entries

I just noticed that I have had 100 blog entries since March when I first started this blog. Maybe I should have baked a cake and put 100 candles on it. But, then it might have burned up! :) I guess it is just a mile marker of some kind.

These are pictures of Merrill, Nick & Brett working at one of the apartments. We needed a bath vent and some smoke detectors. Merrill was very tired when he got in today so he called for his "helpers". Thanks, boys, for helping and all the hard work!

Family Happenings...

I talked with Ryan while I was in Kansas. He was so excited that he made choir. (The boys started a new school this year and they like it very much.)Later, Brandon called and Merrill got to talk to him about his getting “coach pitched.”

Guess who the coach is… Yep, Paul. Good job!

Little Carson who is growing and “glowing”. All that little guys pictures are smiling. He has two brothers who just dote on him. He is one happy baby!!! And the mother of them all… Candy is doing one great job taking care of her boys!

Grandma Lavy misses them very much and can’t wait to see and hug on them. So, Watch out boys!!! lol

Busy Day

Isn't it funny... we get up, have devotions, hit the road running and then wonder, "what have I accomplished today?"

We got back from Kansas Sun. afternoon. We spent the night in Rolla, Mo because we didn't think we could do another drive straight through. Thursday night, when we took turns cat napping and driving, it really wasn't all that restful. So, I am paying for the lack of rest. I have been in a kinda dragging mode for two days. You sure can tell that I am getting older. (Yep, that's an admission!)

Today, I visited my parents. They are doing quite well. Dad & Mom always have their plans and work to do. We looked at their garden. They have done quite well. Loads of tomatoes, beans and they have pumpkins, gourds and potatoes. Dad just grinned when we discussed his potatoes. He was eating some of the potatoes he had grown. (It does give one a satisfying feeling to grow your own food.) I don't think I ever remember them growing potatoes. They even had sunflowers. I am going to give them some of my sunflower seed. I had the mammoth kind and dad was kinda disappointed that he didn't have big heads. He had one that looked fairly large though. Sometimes, the cheaper seed packages don't have what you think they do.

Their dahlia's are looking good. These bulbs are from my Grandmother Phillips dahlia's she grew before she died about 45 years ago. They are heirloom, for sure. Dad and some of his brothers and sisters grow them every year. I think they have these little contests. My dear Aunt Lorena always grew them. I remember her and dad talking about them. If I could only grow it as good as dad! His heart must really be in it because it was his "mama's". That gives it an extra special "love" fertilizer.

"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children."
Ephesians 5:1

What a tall order. When I think of our wonderful Lord and all His wonderful works, I stand in awe! But, He wants us to be like Him. It makes me think of the kids song, "He's Still Working On Me." I know He's still working on me. I thank Him for that!

On The Road Again ...

Well, we're on the road again! Merrill had and an emergency expedited load to get to Springfield, Missouri. I came with him since he had to drive all night. I drove about 3 1/4 hr. It is definitely worth mentioning my driving time because when you've got snatches of sleep here and there that's something. (At least it is for me.) :) We delivered our load at 7:00 this morning. One hour before schedule. We ate breakfast in Joplin and came on to Amy's. She is at school so Merrill and I are catching a little rest before the family comes home. We plan a pleasant visit with Amy, Monte & the grandkids before getting home for Monday work.
Today Wayne and his family will leave on vacation. Have fun and enjoy your relaxation. Wayne, I hope you get a nice big elk.

This N That

These are pictures that I took today at dad and mom's of my brothers and dad's car collection. Two things that he likes to collect are auto models and WWll memorabilia.
Merrill & I went over to Wayne's to see them before they leave for Colorado Wed. on vacation'

Happy Anniversary Paul & Candy

This blog entry is dedicated to you on your special day!

Happy Birthday Buffy

This blog entry is dedicated to Buffy. Have a great birthday!

"Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord."
Psalm 21:34

Looking back...

Aunt Lorena

Two years ago in August my dear Aunt Lorena, Dad's sister, passed away. I wrote this not long after her passing.

Aunt Lorena

Quiet smile.
Twinkle in her eye.
She always saw the humor
Of events gone by.

Always loving,
Giving, encouraging.
Crafts galore,
Cakes & fudge to delight.

A quiet teaser,
She found the humor in things.
Remembering the past
With a tease and chuckle.

I’ll forever miss her,
Kind ways.
The love she always gave,
Can never be repaid.

Our loss,
Heavens gain.
My dear Aunt Lorena
A friend always.

Early Morning Quietness

I love the early morning quietness. A fresh new day & a new page in the book. I went to read the little Bible to my left and found it is not working so I used another online Bible site. I hope it is just a temporary loss. Otherwise, I will find another link for my blog.

Some of my grandchildren started school this week. Ryan and Brandon in North Carolina and Kinsey and Caden in Kansas. I remember when school didn't start until after labor day and ended by May 30th. Seems like summer gets shorter and shorter for kids. Personally, I think they need a long summer. They need that family time and time to relax and be kids. Here I am, being an old lady again. :)

Have a great 2007-2008 School Year!

We Got Rain

We finally got our much needed rain. It seems like it has always gone around us when forecast. It was loud, clouds were dark, with lots of lightening. I'm still thankful for the rain! It made weed pulling much easier today.

This is a picture of the "hoe cakes" as we call them down south. I don't think I've ever made them. My mother makes them almost weekly so I eat them at her house. I just had a "hankering" for them. That's southern lango. So I called mom and she walked me through it. Thanks mom! We eat them with soup beans. And now you have the rest of the story. We had soup beans, another one of my favorites. We didn't have my complete KY meal, but enough to satisfy.

I got to stay home most of the day and got caught up on some of my work. I did go over to Steve & Buffy's and picked tomatoes so Beth could can tomato sauce. She was happy. Merrill took them over to her so I could work out in the garden.

I got my zinnia's dead headed. I'm excited about them because they are so pretty in the fall.


Well, I finally got the job that I was working on done. Beth came and help me.We finished everything by noon. She is such a good helper! Thanks, Beth

I came home at just after noon and took a whirlpool for my poor aching sore muscles. I painted woodwork and cabinets yesterday. Recently, I haven't been getting up and down so many times. Well, that exercise is over! :)

Went over to see Buffy, Nick, Brett and Breanna since they will be leaving for Gatlinburg, Tenn after Steve gets home from work. Lauryn and Brooklyn were there so I got to see the girls. Brooklyn was asleep so I do not have a picture of her.

Hopefully, tomorrow can be slower and I can work at home.

Sunday, we had garden corn (from Steve & Buffy's), our tomatoes, and spinach & tomatoes on our salad, & fried sliced banana squash from our garden. Tonight we had fresh garden produce again. Very nice! I just love fresh garden produce.

Buffy & Beth have been canning green beans. Buffy has put up salsa and who knows what else. She puts up a lot of delicious things. Beth is getting the fever and she loves putting food up also. Amy says she wants to next year. It must be catching!

What A Day!

Don't you just hate days where you just run, run, run! The last two days have been pretty much that. Today I was out and about early. I had to meet the tree trimmers and police who would be rerouting traffic at one of our apartments. I just know they loved this lady who took pictures of every move they made. :) Oh, well, they took my picture taking and direction giving pretty good. Everyone seemed happy!

Just after I got home Beth & Isaiah came by and we had lunch together.After they left, I went to my parents. Mom had two nice warm cobbler pies ready for me. I tried each one. She made cherry and apple. Mom & I went shopping. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working at another apartment.

The tenant is suppose to move in, but we have finishing up to do on a new bathroom and other repairs. Beth is going to help me finish up in the morning with my painting. Anyway, I am ready to get onto something else.

My dad was talking about when he was younger in Kentucky. I couldn't help thinking how I miss "the good old day!" We live in a great day and age, but the good old days were slower and not as complicated. Maybe I'm just getting old. Surely not!

Surprise Flowers!

Today started off busy.I was on the run all day. I got home this afternoon and found these roses from my husband. How sweet! I always love flowers.

Merrill and I ate out at Golden Corral and then went minature golfing. He beat me as usual. Someday...someday...I will win! :)

If You Scatter Thorns, Don't Go Barefoot !!!

If You Scatter Thorns, Don't Go Barefoot !!!

I ran across this saying recently and really thought, "How True!"

"Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Colossians 3:12

Blessings to you today!

More Pictures To Share

I took the above pictures recently. Just thought I would share them.

My computer has been down. The storm Wed. evening damaged my router and I am now using a new one. I missed blogging, but I am glad to be back.

More about the pictures:
I remember the picture with the vase of flowers hanging in our house in KY. I was five when we moved to Ohio. So my parents have owned it over 55 yrs. It is one of the first things I remember that far back and I love the painting which is in pretty good shape today.

The quilts were made by my Grandmother Phillips who was a very good homemaker. She could make the neatest pillows, quilts etc. She was one of the best cooks that I ever knew. Mama, as we called her, and Papa would rise early in the morning and pray in their diningroom. I can still see them kneeling. Such precious memories. Which reminds me that is one song I remember her singing. Also, She also loved big hats. Maybe that is why I like them. :)

The other pictures were taken in our diningroom when Amy was in. And,a picture of David who turned 14 yrs. in July. I just thought I'd share the pictures with you.

Beth was cleaning my parents carpet when I took the pictures at their house of the quilts and picture so I just had to include her.

Looking Through Pictures

Like most people, I have lots & lots of pictures. I have been looking through them and have decided that I need to get a better tracking system. I have them organized in my computer files, but I think I can do better. Hopefully, I can work on this when winter comes.

Right now, it is at least 80 degrees here. When I woke up it was 78 degrees outside. I turned my air on and set it at 74 degrees. I am going out to mow just a little before it gets to hot.

Early Morning Thoughts

I'm really not into contemporary Christian music. (I like traditional Christian music and the King James version of the Bible.) But, our Christian station has started playing contemporary Christian music every morning. Sometimes I wake up and really wonder what I am listening to. I am sad because we are probably going to have to look for a new station. We have listened to this one almost 40 yrs. Altough, I do like some contemporary songs if they are clearly pointing to God, salvation or something that is food for thought. I've posted one I like with a link to the music below. My husband doesn't share my like for this song. I was listening to it last night and he really wondered, "What's up?"

Check out: "Our God is An Awsome God"

(Directions: with mouse highlight web address, right click copy, right click paste into web browser.)

Looking Back

I was looking through old pictures and found this one that I thought that I might share. The twins were 2. Duane 10, Wayne 9, Paul 7 and Steve 4.

Note: This picture was taken about 27 yrs. ago.

Love Is A Choice

Love is patient, love is kind.
I Corinthians 13:4

My thoughts this morning are on love. Love is a choice. We can always look at the bad in things, because the bad is usually there somewhere, or we can choose to look at the good. It is not necessarily looking through rose colored glasses because it is a choice. A choice to make lemonade out of lemons. Love the unlovely. Love our country in spite of some of it's laws. Love those we work with in spite of their actions. Love our family and friends for who they are in spite of their imperfections. You can't legislate love, but you can choose to love. Just some of my thoughts this morning!

Just Monday

Today, I have done mostly office work for our company. Merrill's been busy working at construction, digging, and hauling. My brother-in-law has our truck on the road. Just a busy Monday.

The picture is of a piece of equipment Merrill rented some time back. It is the cutest little thing. Handy.

The Greatest Gift of All

Today, we are reminded that this is the greatest gift of all!

Take time to be with God today and thank Him for loving us so much and for sending His Son to save us.

Busy Midweek

I have been having lots of fun with Amy, Kinsey, Caden, Beth & Isaiah. Sewing, painting, shopping and just hanging out. Pictures upcoming ...