Sometimes Life is A Roller Coaster...

Sometimes, life is a roller coaster with many ups and downs... that has been my last 3+ weeks...

My mom's health, my dad's health, my grandson getting hurt and today we found out my Uncle Don has kidney cancer. Life has it's challenges.

The economy and the times around us is challenging as well as our own personal problems. That's why I've been posting the encouraging songs the last few weeks. We can always count on God. He knows all about it before we even pray.

I read a saying last week... "Our lives constantly change, but God never changes!" Yes, there are preachers and teachers who try to water down God's work, but God and His Word never Changes... that we need to know!

Yearly, St. Rt. 127 Yard Sale...

Today's the start of the yearly St. Rt. 127 Yard Sale. It starts in Michigan and ends in Tennessee, August 5 - 8, 2010.

Great time to take a road trip and shop at the same time. Unfortunately, I can't go far, but I might check it out here in Darke County.

It will be lots of fun with lots of great buys!

Animals, Animals & More Animals...

This week and this week only... I am accepting... animals, animals and more animals. Of course, this is just talk. I've got my hands full.

My parents gave me five kittens on the day one of our old barn cats presented us three new kittens. Adding those cats, plus the one kitten my parents gave me last week and the pet cat, Tuluse... I have around 11 cats (mostly kittens). The trick is getting most of them to be barn cats and keep the mice down. Another trick is keeping them at all. We have coyotes and they have come up as far as our garden, plus cats have a mind of their own and sometimes decide they want to go elsewhere exp. when they are introduced to a new place.

Now... I have chickens. Five Rhode Island Reds that my son, Steve brought over last evening. Steve, Nick & Brett help me set up the chicken operation. Small chicken house and fenced in area. It looks kinda cute. I will get pictures later.

I may even get a rooster! Proud old roosters are fun to watch... they strut around showing off their beautiful colors.

I told my mom this morning, "if you know anyone who has a goat, cow or pig let them know that I want one." NOT! I have my hands full now!!!

Of course, I wouldn't mind a goose! lol!!!