Actual Vacation Bear Pictures..

These are Betty's actual bear pictures. This mama bear was big. They can really be cantankerous, just ask my son Stephen. He did have a bear take out after him years ago. Steve can m-o-v-e! lol!

Thanks for the pictures Betty!

A True Bear Story...

Well, I'll try not to be too embellishing on this story...

When we went to Gatlinburg, Tenn last week with our good friends Betty and Jim Jewett, we decided one morning to get up at the crack of dawn, really before, and go to Cades Cove. We reached Cades Cove before it opened. I was sleeping, but about the time we stopped, I looked over to my right and saw a bear by the road, so I excitedly say bear, then I look to the front and a mother and two baby bear are going into the woods and we all say bear. That was our first bear sighting. (The keep telling me I was sleeping and really didn't see the bear by my door...but, I tell you, I did!)

The big bear story took place later, closer to the middle of our journey through Cades Cove. When you see lots of cars stopped and lots of people out of their vehicles, something big is up. Well, this something big was a big bear and cub. There were lots of people out and lots of people trying to get close to this bear. If you know bears, they don't like to feel threatened! This bear just kept keeping an eye on the people while she sat there with her cub.

Well, Betty is trying to get close to get a picture and Merrill is trying to get close just to get close. This bear just keeps looking around to check out the people... probably, sizing up his meals. I hurt my leg, so I can't run fast and I just started hobbling out of the woods. I'm thinking... if that bear decides to charge can my husband, even as big as he is, fight it off ...or can Betty run fast enough to beat the bear! Of course, Merrill said, "I had to be just fast enough to beat Betty or the other people!" Well, the bear didn't get up while we were there, she just kept looking around frequently. We didn't hear about anyone getting attacked so I assume the bear wasn't hungry! How's that for a true to life bear story?

We've gone to Gatlinburg for years and probably haven't seen a half dozen bear. This trip, I saw six and they saw five. No, I wasn't dreaming!

Note: The bear picture here is not from our trip, but it is like the bears we saw.

Good To Be Back...

Well, it's good to be back. I've been busy, busy, busy... probably just like everyone else. It just seems like we're always on the go. Merrill and I went to the Farm Science Review the third week of Sept. I had a family reunion in Ky the last week end of Sept. I didn't stay until Sun., but came back for our church picnic. Then we went to Gatlinburg, Tenn. with some good friends Betty & Jim Jewett. And, then I got bronchitis the day after we got back home and I have been pretty much laid up for several days.

I haven't done any bloggin', so I guess you'd say that I've had a vacation from bloggin'. I have kept up with the election and a lot of what's going, but I'm ready to vote. Thursday, Sarah Palin will be in the area and I plan to go see her. That will be exciting!

Merrill has been working on the church ministries building. He has had lots of help for which he is very grateful. They are coming along real good. They are closing it in this week and the windows should be in next week. He was able to get the septic in and the catch basin close to schedule. It rained a little, but not enough to hamper his work. I know he is relieved about getting that done, just as he will be relieved to see the brick on the building. Weather can cause lots of problems for building projects. We're very thankful for the Lords blessings on us!

Well, that's just about it for catch up time!
Happy Birthday Caden. Hope you have a great Birthday. Sorry Grandpa and Grandma can't be with you. We love you very much.