Merrill has been quite sick today - full force of the flu. Tonight he is a little better. I do hope he doesn't have it as long as I did.

I uploaded a few pictures that I took last Tuesday. Wayne, Wilma and the girls fishing. These were taken the night I got sick and I wasn't able to get them up until now.

The fish weren't big, but they still enjoyed fishing. Brooklyn just didn't know what to think of the fish. Lauryn did a good job of fishing by herself. Wayne just had to put the worms on. For some reason girls just do not enjoy touching night crawlers. Just plain old family fun!
Here I Am To Worship

Light of the world,
You stepped down into darkness.
Opened my eyes,
let me see.
Beauty that made this heart adore you
Hope of a life spent with you.

And here I am to worship,
here I am to bow down,
here I am to say that you're my God
You're altogether lovely,
altogether worthy,
altogether wonderful to me.

King of all days,
oh, so highly exalted.
Glorious in heaven above.
Humbly you came
to the earth you created
All for love's sake became poor.

And here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that you're my God
You're altogether lovely.
altogether worthy,
altogether wonderful to me.

I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
And I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
No, I'll never know how much it cost.

Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that you're my God
You're altogether lovely
Altogether worthy
Altogether wonderful to me.

Well, since I did get the flu and have spent a big part of this week sick. When I was recouping I was reminded of God's goodness and answers to prayer through the years. Then I listened to this song online at our Sunday night service and thought - how true, "God you are all together lovely and wonderful!"

Praise God & be blessed by the words of this song. It always makes me want to raise my hand in praise!

Happy 10th Anniversary Michael & Beth

Happy 10th Anniversary Michael & Beth. This blog entry is dedicated to you!
May you have many more happy years together. God Bless You & your little Isaiah!

Check out Beth's blog at

Happy Birthday Steve

Happy Birthday to a fine son. This blog entry is dedicated to you.
Hope your birthday is a happy one. Love Always, Mom and Dad

Heading Home

"But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil." Proverbs 1:31

Just the verse I needed to head home on. I read the 1 st chapter of Proverbs this morning and when I read this verse I said, "Thank you, Lord, I know that you will be with me and take care of me and all my fears on my way home today." Praise the Lord for all his blessings on me!

Brandon is still sick so I am watching him while Candy takes Ryan to school. I have my coffee made ;) and my bags packed. When she get's back I plan to leave for home.
It is sad to leave but I ready to see my hubby and get home. ;)

More later...

Home Again!

Well, I got home safe! Thanks for all you who prayed for me I appreciate it!

Sad news...My mom called and told me that my cousin, David Phillips, passed away Sun. night. He was about 54 yr.s old. He died of pneumonia. This is quite a shock to our family. Please pray for my Uncle Jr and Aunt Esther, cousins John and Pat and their families.

Pleasant Memories

Tomorrow I will start home. I'm sure that on my long drive home I will go over and over the pleasant memories of the last few days! I had such a nice time.

Well, we've had a few bumps in the road. Paul came home sick from work Friday with a stomach virus, Carson ended up at the emergency room Saturday and Brandon came down with the stomach virus today. Other than that, things have gone nicely. I'm taking extra vitamin C and praying that the virus passes me by.

We had a nice "Grandparents Day" and a fun time at the games. We shopped together and just had fun being together and visiting. I thank God for a loving family!
I am blessed!!!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Today was quite the busy day. Candy and I started it off in the emergency room. Carson took a spell where he couldn't breathe last night. He got better, but the Dr. wanted him checked out so we took him to the emergency room to be look at. He seems to have a touch of a virus. They just need to watch him close a couple days. Thank the Lord that he is o.k.!

We watched both boys play ball today. They are both good ball players and I loved to watch them play their game. I held Carson a lot at the game. He is such a good baby. He laughs and coo's a lot.
Brandon's game was in the morning and Ryan's game was in the afternoon.

Right: Ryan pitching
Left: Brandon catching the ball at first base.

This picture to the right was taken at the end of the
day after Ryan's game was over.

Camp Willomocky

Ryan's Grandparents Day
Today's Blog is dedicated to my grandson Ryan!

Today was Ryan's Grandparents Day at High Point Christian Academy in NC. I left yesterday morning on my first solo journey to NC. I was excited in a lot of ways, but kinda apprehensive because I've never driven it myself and I have only been down here twice before once with Buffy and once with Merrill. Grandma Lavy made it after about 8 1/2 hrs or so on the road.

It is so nice to be with Paul, Candy and the boys. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend with them before I journey home Monday. I'm sure it will be packed with fun things. They are a family on the go!

Grandparents Day is always special! I try to go all I can. When Ryan called and asked me to come, I told him I would try. I haven't missed any of his Grandparents Days and I wanted to be at his first one in NC. Merrill wasn't able to get a haul down here so I made the trip alone.

The Auditorium was awsome with the big cross and chimes. I'm not sure how many children attend the school. The Program was called, "Camp Willomocky." Grades kindergarden through fifth participated, so there were lots of grandparents. Parents weren't allowed so Candy dropped me off.

The pictures in the auditorium are not real good. Ryan's class is in the left side of the picture. He is in the last row. In the first group picture he has his arm up waving. After the program we went to his room where he gave me a braclet representing the salvation plan and card that they made in class especially for grandparents. I watched as Ryan and his few of his classmates played a game called "Othollo". After we finished with pictures, Candy picked us up.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from Ryan Lavy's "Grandparents Day" at
High Point Christian Academy, NC

"Camp Willomocky"

Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday to a fine son! Today's blog is dedicated to you.
Hope you birthday is a happy one. Love Always, Dad and Mom

Early Morning Thoughts

"When Thou saidst, Seek ye My face; my heart said unto Thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek." Psalm 27:8

As we start our busy days, it is comforting to read in God's word that he wants us to seek Him. He is ever our saviour, comfort, and guide.
We praise you today Lord for all that you have done!
Thank you for your blessings!

It is not day light yet. I got up and made my husband some coffee before he left. I like the early morning hours when everything is quiet and it is just the Lord and I. Peace, quiet and the Lord!
For me, it makes the day go better not to rush right in and try to work in prayer and Bible reading. I'd much rather meet the Lord even if it is a short time. I need Him daily!

IHC starts today. I'm not sure that I will get to go until tomorrow. Praying that it will be a blessed time for all participants. It is good to see everyone, fellowship and worship the Lord. What more can you ask for?

Pictures of family that I hope you'll enjoy!

A Moto: "Have camera will travel!"
We are so blessed to have cameras. I love to take and look at pictures. I've heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, this is true.

Right: This picture was taken yesterday before Merrill picked up his load. Long rig! He really likes his truck.

Have a blessed day and know that God loves you!

Don't forget to feed the animals! :)

Truckin' down the road

Today is dedicated to my dear husband!

I think I have seen it all. Merrill is waiting for a load so he had some free time. He has fed all my farm pets and read our blog. So I've decided to change the title from Mom's Farm Pets to Gran's Farm Pets... for the young and young at heart. I am glad that something I put on for the grandkids is pleasing big people to! Merrill fed the animals and laughed! I loved it!!!

Top right: Merrill's new Dodge Ram 2007 Dully

Right: Merrill's first big load. I am pretty sure that
this was expedited to NC

We have been in construction 29 yrs. We added backhoe and skidloader work a few yrs back. But with changing economic times in our area, we've ad
ded expediting. We call it "Treaty Expediting."

The loads need to get there quick, so he can be gone with a phone call. His bags are always packed and ready to go. If I know I have time to work a trip in my bags are packed also. We've been as far west as Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. We have been as far south as South Carolina. The Carolina's are Merrill's favorite because of the weather. The area is beautiful and last but not least Paul's family lives down there.

I'm so glad that so many of you like my farm animals. I've had a lot of adults feeding the animals. Please tell the children! lol

Committed to the Cause Christ

Spring Tour 2007 of Penn View Bible Institute

Penn View choir sang at our church tonight. It was an inspirational service. We worshiped the Lord through their singing with uplifted hands and joyful hearts!

There were a few names in the choir that we recognized. But, there are a couple of special people in the choir that we share close connection to, Joann Loper and Solomon Shaffer.

Solomon Shaffer and Joann Loper who will be getting
married August 10, 2007.

The Loper family have been close friends of ours for many years. They have worshiped with us at church and camps. We are always glad when they have good news to share! They are expecting their 13th grandchild soon when Randy and Heather have their new little boy. But they are going to pass Merrill and I up because Scott and Susanne (Loper) Caplinger are going to have a baby December 10, 2007.

Right: Susanne who shared her secret with us today!

Right: Merrill and Joanne Loper (and yep, Solomon you are in the picture keeping track of your girl! lol)
The story is that Merrill has given Joann, who reminds him a lot of our twins Beth & Amy, popcorn that he has grown as a treat for years. Of course, he pops enough for an army so the whole Loper family can share. After Joanne went to Penn View this year, and Merrill is on the road a lot himself, the treats are few. Knowing Joann would be at church tonight, Merrill popped her popcorn treat. Joann and Solomon will have to give advance notice to us after they marry so Merrill can give them a treat every once and awhile. He'll always
have fond memories of Joann and her special treats!

Especially for my grandkids and Kids!
My Beth gave me a pig! He was lonely so I adopted a few more farm pets for him. Of course mittens and zeus are old standby's. I hope my grandchildren remember to come by and feed them. Of course friends are welcome to stop by and feed them anytime. Oh, yes, my teddy bear Paddy Panda likes to be fed also. He's so cuddly. lol
But, I can't find my cow bossie!
(Scroll down the animals are on the left. The are fun! Click on them - they move. Click more and you can feed them. Enjoy!)

Gettin' Down All Around With Mama Goose

Brett's Grandparents Day
Todays post is dedicated to my grandson Brett!

Today was grandparents day at his school. Buffy, Breanna and I had a nice lunch with Brett. After lunch we went to the gym for a music program.

Brett is on the back row, right
side at the top in white.

Brett, "Dr. Lavy"

Making calls for pictures, Mrs. Kell paged Dr. Lavy. We laughed. He was so cute.

Brett, Buffy & Breanna

Group of the musical participants
with Brett

Note Brett gave me right after the

Brett & Grandma Lavy
Today was just one of those days ....
Must be the weather - it has rained and rained.

But, nice things that I enjoy did happen!
I did have a nice breakfast with my sister-in-law, Sue Phillips, at Bob Evans. My brother is in Hawaii and won't be back until Thurs., so we decided to go to breakfast before he returns.

We went to Beth's house afterwards and had a nice visit.

While at Beths, I read to Breanna and Isaiah a
little before coming home.

Duane and David stopped by and we looked at the different
family blogs.

Wayne stopped by and my dear hubby just got home from
South Carolina. So in the end things looked up! :)

You Are Loved With an Everlasting Love

Today Breanna I went to my parents for lunch. Beth and Isaiah were already there. Beth was doing some cleaning for mom. Breanna and Isaiah keep each other company.

The trip is about 20 minutes. On the way there I was stopped at the stop sign waiting for a long line of traffic to pass when out of the blue the thought crossed my mind... "you are loved with an everlasting love!" That was all, but I knew that the Lord wanted to let me know, that He love me. How blessed I am! That just goes to show you that God is with us always even in the most unexpected times.

Mom & Dad have been married 60 yrs. They are very devoted to each other. Dad is 81 and mom is 77. This picture was taken by Amy who does photography along with her nursing, sewing and all her creative endeavors.

These are pictures of dad taking mom's blood pressure. He does this pretty much on a daily basis. The doctor told him that he was doing a good job of taking & watching mom's blood pressure and to keep it up. I call him "Dr. Phillips!" He just laughs! My parents are the greatest!!! I just love them.

Mom & I working on her taxes. This picture was taken by Beth who is a very good photographer.
Identical twins usually are good at the same things.
Yesterday was such a Blessed Easter! It is so comforting to know that we can be saved and have eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. I feel our purpose in life is to service God and share the joy of salvation with those we come in contact with. What a blessing!

We went to Easter Service. Paul, Candy and family and Steve, Buffy and family came and ate Easter dinner with us. Beth, Isaiah, Duane and David weren't able to eat with us but came by later in the day.

Saturday was Mark & Deanna's wedding so I was gone for most of the day. I came home extremely tired, but it was worth the trip to Cincinnati to witness this special event. My batteries were down, but I was able to get this one picture. The windows in the background at God's Bible School make a beautiful backdrop for
a minister and his bride's wedding.

I am now "getting with it!" These blogs take time and time is what it takes to find just the right picture and then work in the blog time. How these young mothers work it in is amazing!

Well, I think it's about time to bring in the grandchildren. They are awesome! I love having grandchildren. Hugs and kisses and all that goes with it. We have 13 so far and each one is so special in their own way. You just never know what's up next.

Until later!

Grandchildren truely are a gift from God.
You can't help but just want to hold, kiss and
be with each one.
This is my little bunch! Yes, I am prejudice-
I think they are the greatest!!!!

Paul & Candy's Children
They are working on a ball team! They love their new little
team member and I'm sure they'll have a ball in his hand soon!

Beth & Mike's son
This little guy was in the long time making. They were married 9 yrs. before they had him. He's always
smiling (just about), for sure, he is alway investigating

Wayne & Wilma's daughters
They had their oldest miracle girl after 9 yrs. of marriage and then after some time they
got their next little bundle of joy. They are country girls with dogs, cats, a rabbit and a horse. Yep! True country girls!

Amy & Monte's children
I travel along ways to see these little munchkins. They are always bouncy and glad
to see grandma & grandpa!

Steve & Buffy's children
These grandchildren lived next door to us
for most of their lives. They built a new house and moved not so far away. They have a creek and places to run, so I don't think they miss their old home.

Duane's sons
My oldest grandson's
who are two of the greatest. They both like to hunt and do boy things!

Good Friday

This picture is in rememberance of "God's Friday."

I have been reading my daughter's , granddaughter's and some friends blogs. They are all so good. I love seeing all the pictures and reading what is going on. It is possible to make our loved ones and friends seem very close to us. I love it. This is one part of technology that is really taking off and can be done by just about anyone.

I'm looking at pictures to find out what I might use. I can see now that I am going to have to get my camera out and start taking more pictures. My wonderful children gave me a new camera and I just have been negligent in learning to use it and loading pictures up on my computer. Hopefully, that will change.

I did find a picture in my picture folder taken sometime last year and I thought that it would make a nice cross picture for John 3:16 . I put it into photoshop and completed it.
This is the picture I made for "Good Friday."