Fall Is Here...

Fall is here. The schools are back in session, the crops harvesting has started and the leaves are starting to change. The gardens have pretty much quit for the season. But, I still have some tomatoes to harvest.

Today, Beth and I picked apples and pears, so we still have canning to do, but they're not a big rush like some things have been. We picked the tomatoes for Beth to can. We are alternating the pickings. She is getting great with child and can't hardly bend over, so she needed to take this picking. :) She wants to get her canning done. She's due Nov. 12, so it won't be long until she has her baby girl.

Last Thursday morning, I left for Ky for my yearly family reunion. I spent three restful days in the beautiful hills. My parents bought my grandmothers house several years ago and have added many nice improvements to it.It is their vacation home and they go down several times a year. It is a great get-a-way. It was nice to get to help mom and dad get ready for the reunion farther up in the hills. I mean... up a single lane road that was quite steep at times back into the hills, surrounded by trees and nature. There are very few houses in the area. Anyway, it is a beautiful drive esp. with the trees just starting to turn.

After my reunion I left around 2 o'clock to head back to Franklin, Oh. for our yearly fall church picnic and youth auction. So, Saturday was one full day. I was ready for my Sunday, day of rest.
I got home this morning. My dog and cats were very glad to see me.

So, that's how last week went. We'll see what adventures this week holds. Hopefully, pleasant ones! :)

Turn Everything Over To God...

Isn't God wonderful! We can turn everything over to God and He takes care of it! God is the healer of broken hearts and bodies, a comforter in time of trouble, our friend and Saviour as well as our Lord. I am so glad that I know the Lord of Lord and King of Kings!

This past week has been one busy, busy up and down week. I was looking in my blog draft folder which contained five unfinished blog entries. Usually my blog entry will only need a picture and I will let it sit until I find the time to look one up. I think, I've confessed this problem before. I finish them and will post several at one time. Well, my solution this time is to put up one and omit the last four.

I will share a little bit about some of the things that have happened. Those of you that are close to us, know that a couple of our sons had a four wheeler accident while hunting in Colorado. This was Friday, a week ago. Steve had a head injury and had to have 25 staples, and Paul had a shoulder injury and they both were sore from the accident. The Lord took care of them and they are both doing better. Praise the Lord!

Last Sunday, the big wind storm blew through and our area had many trees and limbs down. There were great power outages for many days. There are still around 34,000 homes without electricity. We were fortunate because our electric was only about about 6 hr. last Sunday. Three of my children and my parents had their electric out for several days. My parents were cozy in their home running a generator to keep the freezer and refrigerator going. I ate with them one day and I don't think they skipped a beat... it was almost business as usual just a little less food. They are older and know how to survive in hard times. Probably, most of the people that we know were worried about their freezers.

On Tuesday, Merrill and I went to the Farm Science Review around Columbus. We have gone so many years. I love to go to the cooking displays. They always have so many neat things that they cook and it is fun to sample what they fix. Then I usually hang around the gardens and listen to their talks. Merrill goes equipment browsing and he usually finds old friends to talk to at the displays. We both usually walk until we're ready to drop.

I had one neat experience in the display gardens. I was talking to this older gentleman. We'll being that I'm the age I am... he may not have been that much older! Funny... I don't know how I got here!:) Anyway, we were discussing the vegetable and flower displays and some of the plants. We talked awhile about some of the large tomatoes and some of the unusual plants and flowers. Then he made a remark that kinda got my attention... he said that the Farm Science Review was one of America's best shows. So, I got brave, and asked him if he was from England because he has a beautiful English accent. He is from England and he is a scientist. Wow! Sometimes, you never know who you're talking to.

So, you can see there were several things that happened. One thing that I know for sure, God is there for the good and the bad times. I remember the great lady Mary Crowley who founded Home Interiors. She had such a positive upbeat outlook on life. She loved the Lord and always had such neat sayings. I think I'll close with one of her sayings.

"Every evening I turn everything over to God. He's going to be up all night anyway."
-Mary Crowley

God Bless and Have a Good Night!

Praying For America...

I'm often reminded of this verse. We need to daily pray for our land especially in these troubled times. We are facing an important election year. There are so many promises floating around that people often get confused. It is always good to look at what the person has stood for in the past and what he/she is saying now. That's is usually what you've got.

"If my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

This one thing I know, God answers prayer and He will do what He says. But, we must do our part in prayer and in actions. Our goal for our country is for the continued freedom to live and worship freely. Our personal goals are to live pleasing lives for God so that He will heal our land. I'm often reminded of an old song...

There's more with us than be with them
We're on the winning side.
With banners unfurreled
We'll tell the whole world
That Jesus is captain and guide.
There's none to fear when He is near
Though fierce the conflict may be.
We'll never give in the fight against sin
With Christ there's victory.

God Bless America!

Congratulations Ryan...

Congratulations Ryan, "Student of the week"! You are worthy of being chosen for this honor.

9/11 Memories...

9/11 memories are not pleasant memories. I remember my daughter in law calling to tell me to turn on the news that a building had been hit by a plane in NY. While I was listening to the news, they said another building had been hit. It was scary, sad times for America.

That is why we should always pray for our country and it's servicemen who are working to keep us safe. I'm so glad that President Bush does such a good job keeping us safe. He is a good respectable Commander In Chief. (I think America is getting tired of the liberal Democratic controlled drive by media that doesn't like our President, our country, Christians and big business as well as the McCain - Palin ticket.) Pray for these people and our country, that God will keep them safe. Pray for the families of the people that died on 9/11 whose lives were changed forever.

How Time Flies...

My husband and I were talking last night about how time flies... We will be married 40 yrs. in December. In some ways it seems like forever, and in other ways, what happened to all those years.

This is my guy, when he's not working & running his equipment, he's talking on the phone... my... first dude!

I thought the following verse was cute and relevant...

How To Preserve a Husband

Some insist on keeping them in a pickle,
while others are constantly keeping them in hot
water. Even the poor varieties can be made
sweet and tender by garnishing with patience;
will sweetened with smiles and flavored with
kisses. Wrap well in a mantle of charity and keep
warm with a steady fire of devotion. Thus
prepared, they'll keep for years.
-author unknown

Getting Lots of Rest...

This has been a nice Sunday in which Merrill & I are getting lots of rest! We've both spent a lot of time sleeping and getting revived for another week. This past week was so packed for both of us and we were ready for a good rest!. We got it!

Think on this...

Write your plans in pencil...
And give God the eraser.

If you are like me, you'll make a schedule, but it is not set in stone. Things come up, sometimes they are more pressing or urgent, than your original plans. That is why we always need to make sure that our plans are Gods plans. He wants our lives to run smoothly and honor Him. He even cares about the little things in life.

God Bless & Have a Good Day!

Looking Through Pictures...

I was looking through pictures and found an old picture of Paul and a picture of his little guy, Carson, taken around Easter. I think they look a lot alike. Part of the fun of having pictures is being able to compare parents with their children.

The picture to the left is of me holding Paul. He was probably around 18 mo.

Another thing, I notice that we still had our old blue Ford. Merrill traded in his GTO just before we got married and bought this car new. He wishes he had his GTO back a million times over. If we could find an old one, I'm sure we would buy it. I couldn't locate a picture of his GTO, but I'll keep searching and share it at some time in the future.

This winter, for sure, I need to get some pictures refiled. It is getting harder and harder to find what I need. I've kind of let down on my picture taking and that's not good for family history. Pictures are important.:)

Slowing Down...

Yeah, things are slowing down...

I've been able to work on my sewing room and my closet. I have a whole wardrobe, I just need the body to go with it. Bodies are like age, you just kinda wonder how you got there and how it happened so fast! Probably, something that needs to be worked on! :)

My husbands been busy working at our church. We are building a new multi-purpose/ ministry building. The guys have been working really hard to get the ground work done for the buildings erection in October. They got the footers in this week, so they are coming right along.

He's had some ups and downs with some of the equipment, but he keeps plugging along. He loves to work with his equipment. A "big" boy with his "big" ground working toys. He still likes to play/work in dirt!

Run, Run, Run...

Well, it's just been one of those run, run, run days. So much to do and seemingly, never ending. In fact, it's weeks like this that make you really appreciate a restful Sunday! I know that you probably feel like this sometimes, too.

One thing for sure, I am so thankful for the rain. Hopefully, the tomatoes will start coming on a little better. It seems like there are not as many as last year, and when it doesn't rain, it seems to effect the taste. Anyway, it's time to put up tomatoes. I took a box of tomatoes over to Beth after I went to the awards program for Lauryn this morning.

Steve & Wayne and a friend left for Colorado today. Monday, Paul will be flying to Washington State for a meeting and then join them for their elk hunting trip. Hopefully, they will be successful and get one or more big ones. It's just an exciting time for them!

Congratulations Lauryn...

Congratulations Lauryn, "Student of The Week!"

Today, was Lauryn's special day for her class at school. She is very deserving of this honor.

Last Night of The Republican Convention...

Well, it was a good ending to the convention. McCain probably won't be considered an eloquent speaker, but he spoke from the heart. I really believe that this guy would work to keep America safe. I can't imagine the suffering that he went through during the Vietnam War. I don't know how soldiers keep their sanity when they are treated so badly. Well, I appreciate the sacrifice. I also am more appreciative the the soldiers that are in the service to keep us free today.

Just a reminder... pray for our servicemen who are giving a lot to keep us safe, some are giving their lives so that we can worship, work and live in a free country. God Bless America!

Labor Day ...

This last week has been one busy week esp. with the Labor Day Weekend and holiday Monday.

Labor Day was started in 1882 by the Knights of Labor and it is a celebration and a tribute to the contributions of workers who have made our country great and stronger. In 1894 the US Congress made it a legal holiday.

I think that it is a good holiday and a good time to celebrate all American workers who make America what it is. In America, you can be what you want to be and do what you want to do. It doesn't matter who you are because we are all equal. It does matter about your attitude and your drive. This is a country where you can dream it and achieve it. God Bless America!

While we are at it, think on this...

God said that we should labor and do all our work in six days and rest on the Sabbath of the Lord. God gave labor and rest instructions. Who are we to question His instructions?

Six days shall thou labor, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God… Exodus 20:9,10a

Happy 67th Anniversary...

Happy 67th Wedding Anniversary to Victor & Doris Lavy! Saturday our family celebrated their anniversary at the Brethren Retirement Center. We had a nice carry in dinner with their children & their families and several of their grandchildren and their families present.

Glad To Be Back...

Oh yes, I'm glad to be back... blogging!

It seems like a woman's work is never done! :) The summer is coming to a close. Lots of food has been preserved. The garden is weedy because I've not been able to take care of the weeds and put away produce. But, it probably could be worse. Since it hasn't rained a lot, it shouldn't be too hard to get rid of, after I'm done canning and freezing.

We do need some rain. The rain would help the tomatoes. I haven't done
the watering that I usually do. I did set a few punctured milk jugs by some of my tomato plants to help slowly water them, but for the most part, I've let them go.

I'm starting to get excited about the coming fall colors. I love the beautiful fall leaves, mums and all that goes with it.

The Republican Platform...

Today, I was reading an article at worldnetdaily by Phyllis Schafly comparing the 2004 Republican platform and the 2008 Republican platform. How refreshing! The Republicans are finally listening to the people and have a great pro-life, pro-America, pro-business, and pro-energy platform. It is a must read article called A real Republican platform.

I was watching the Republican Convention on www.foxnews.com and I was so impressed by their genuine American spirit. You could tell that the people love America and want the best for it. I also gained a greater respect for John McCain than I had before. With the projected pictures and stories, I became aware of how he suffered for America during the war and how much he was willing to go through for our freedom. It is just something to think about. You know, this is a guy that we can trust to protect our country. This is a big country with lots of ideas and ways of doing things, but if we are not a free country, all is lost.

This is one important election and the biggest problem, that we have at this time, is that most of the medias are not balanced in their reporting. I am talking about the tv, radio and written media. Somewhere, down the road, hopefully we will have more fair and balanced media. I don't like legislating it. I like the plain old free market, don't buy the paper, magazine or watch or listen to their propaganda action. If you're tempted to read it go to the library, they have the magazines and newspapers for you to read. This is my free market plug! :)

I also thought that it took a lot of courage for Joe Leiberman to call for the Democrats to vote for what is best for our country. I'm sure he will be criticized, but you know what, I know several life-long Democrats that are voting for McCain Palin. So, Leiberman is right on track! There are people willing to vote for their countries continued freedom over a party.

Well, I guess, I'm getting political again and this is not a political blog, but I am an American and I want to see America continue to be a great country and become greater. Oh, yes, check out the Republican platform article by Schafly, if you haven't yet, because it is a good one!

Congratulations Brandon...

Congratulations Brandon, "Student of The Week," August 30, 2008. This was the important program that I attend for my grandson. He is very deserving of this designation.

Congratulation B!

Peer Pressure...

What's good about being my age?
No PEER pressure!

You know this is true. When I was younger, I felt like I had to do everything the doctor said because he was the doctor. No questions, no alternatives, no let's wait... just do it. The same way with other professional decisions and activities that we were involved in. But, as I've aged, things have changed. I don't suffer from peer pressure or people pleasing very much anymore. I don't over involve myself in things. I know my limits and I am more than willing to stay within them.

I think age has a lot to do with it, but I also think that somewhere down the years I realized that bowing to peer pressure was not worth the grief that it usually causes. Maybe a lot of it is that as we age, we pick our priorities and make better choices. We tire easy and we like peace and quiet.

Well, the 60's aren't bad. I think that it is sobering to think that you will not be around another 60 yrs., whereas at 50, you know that you could live to be 100. For sure, each day is a precious gift from God.

Then there is the saying, "If 60 is the new 40... do I still get my senior discount?"

Well, sometimes I feel like 40, and then again, sometimes I feel like 100. But, I would say most of the time in my heart I feel like 40. It's like, "how did I ever get this old so quick?"

-just a few musing from Gran

The Big News... McCain Palin 2008

I think the big news over the week end was the choice that McCain made for VP. I have read about Sarah Palin in recent weeks and she seems to be quite a remarkable lady. For sure... she knows how to get things done.

You know, speaking down home and personally, it does take skill at keeping peace with kids, scheduling, getting things accomplished... just plain doing what it takes to get the job done. The only difference with congress is that you can't stand them in the corner or turn them over your knee and spank them when they do stupid stuff. Heh, heh, heh... at times, wouldn't you like to!

I think I like her because she relates to middle America. She's not a lawyer... there are already too many of them in government to mess it up. She's not one of the good old boys... She's a governor that gets things done...

No, she's not had a lot of presidential experience because she has never been president, but she is a governor which has passed laws, and she has what it take to lead this great country. This whole "experience issue" is dumb anyway. Only someone who has been president or VP has the experience. Guess what... neither of them are running. The next best thing is a governor that does the same thing on a smaller scale. Sarah Palin is the only candidate that fits this criteria!

I put up the video that I found so that you can see that she can relate to the average American people, issues and our troops. She just gets the job done. She loves God, she loves her family and she loves America!

Now, I know that this is a political post, but it was news and I just couldn't let it go. No, she's not the type of woman that I'm use to, but not everyone is alike. For sure, she is one energetic woman. I just like her values and what she stands for because it is greatly lacking in today's leaders. A role model for working women. Also, I thought it before I read it or heard it said, "here's another Margaret Thatcher!"

McCain Palin 2008