Wise Men Still Seek Him

First Sunday of Advent 2010...

Today, is the First Sunday of Advent 2010. We will start our spiritual journey in remembrance of the birth of our Savior and Lord. The real meaning of Christmas!

Isaiah 60:1-3

Today, we light the first purple candle which represents hope. We light this candle to represent the hope of the world which is Jesus Christ.

"Advent, Advent

the little light burns,

First one, then two,

then three, then four,

Then the Christ child

at the door."


Dear God, thank you for sending sending Jesus, our Savior. We know that today He lives and reigns with you and that He will come again. Just as we have read in your word about the first coming and the fullfilling of the Old Testement prophasies. You are today our continuous source of hope. We thank you for the hope, peace and joy that we have through your salvation. Now, we anxiously wait for Jesus second coming. Amen

Thanksgiving Memories...

I have so many fond Thanksgiving memories from down through the years. Hopefully, you do to. The older we get and as the years go by, we are just thankful for those that can be present at our dinners. So many have passed on, but we still have the memory of times gone by.

My Aunt Edna was able to be with us at my parents. It was special for us and I know that it was special for her. Our oldest grandson, Kyle, was able to be with us also. That was a very special treat! Again, I was so thankful that I have my parents & brothers and sister's families to share Thanksgiving with. Our bond was strengthened again as we held hands, prayed and gave thanks for our blessings and family.

Of course, their was lots of turkey and delicious food, reminiscing and just loving each other. After all, we never know what a year holds, but we were enjoying the moment.

The evening Thanksgiving meal was held at our home with our children that could be there. Beth, Mike & the kids were in Kansas to share Thanksgiving with Amy, Monte & their kids. It's not hard to share a twin when I know how much the other one needs her. Blessings on them all. Also, Blessings on my family that shared the evening meal with Merrill & I.

I sincerely hope you who are reading this post had a blessed Thanksgiving time too!

The American Tea Party...

We've just experienced "The American Tea Party!"

God Bless America...

Privilege To Vote...

Thank God for the Privilege to Vote in America!

We are such a blessed people. We have the greatest country on earth. We have nice homes, food, clothing and wonderful families. We can worship our God in freedom. We can work our jobs. We are blessed!

Yes, there are things wrong. Everything isn't perfect. That is why we are voting today. We are working to make things more perfect and trying to undo some of the bad changes that have been made in recent years. But, we are still the best!

God Bless America!

Beautiful Autumn Day...

Today was a beautiful Autumn Day. A cool, crisp & sunny day packed from morning to night with work & running to do.

The weatherman is calling for two more days in the mid 50's and then the temperature is suppose to drop down into the 40's.

I have a few more outdoor things that I would like to get done before bad weather. I still have my building to get organized, but I would also like to get the flower gardens ready for winter.

As usual, after all the outside projects are done there is a never ending bunch of indoor things to do.