July Is Over...

Can you believe it July is over. The month just flew by. As I said before, this has been one of the best July weathers that I have ever remembered. Global Cooling at it's best. I just had to put that in. :)

The garden is coming right along. Although, for some reasons we're going through a slow tomato ripening stretch. Beth has canned several jars of green beans. I have been mostly fixing them for meals. I wanted her to can as much as she can, first. Her baby girl is due in the middle of November.

Last week, we finished the first corn that I started inside. That was a good start, but now the Peaches N Cream that I bought in Virginia is coming on and it is delicious. Merrill and I ate some for supper and then we took some over to Beth.We should have some to freeze this next week.

My pressing rental apartment work is almost done... just in time for food preservation. A woman's work is never done.

Well, that just about does it for July blogging...

Trouble Going To Sleep...

Do you ever have trouble going to sleep? Last night I did. You know how it is... you so tired and want to sleep, but all the things that you need to do keep running through your mind. So that is the way it was. I didn't make my list and I payed for it.

Exhaustively, I decided about 1 o'clock to make my list, so I get up. Then I'm down. Then I'm up adding to the list again. Tired people don't think well, because I should have just put the list by my bed, as I do a lot, and finish it as it came to mind. Then about 2 o'clock when I'm just settling into sleep... I woke with a start. That's a shock to the heart. You didn't blog Brooklyn's birthday. After all that, I finally fell asleep and had a peaceful night.

Partly, it probably happened because of so many changes to yesterdays schedule and today I have half again as much work to do. Now that's another story...

Run, run, run...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn

Happy Birthday Brooklyn! You're growing up so fast. Hope you had a fun birthday!

Congratulations To Jason & Regina...

Congratulations to Jason & Regina Baker on accepting their first pastorate. You are a great couple with a lot to give. Praying that the Lord will bless your ministry in the great state of Ky.

(Borrowed photo from Regi's site.)

Looking For A Slow Day...

I'm looking for a slow day... I just can't seem to find it!

This has been one great summer for having great weather. Not too hot and not too cold. I have loved our July 2008 weather, especially, since it has not been overwhelmingly hot and since it has rained more than most July's that I remember. It has really been great for crops and gardens in our area.

For sure, this has been one summer for extra events and happenings. Of course, we Lavy's always have a birthday, anniversary, reunion or something going on without everything else that comes up.

I had the misconception that when I got older things would slow down. Instead, things have snowballed and got faster. The family and events have vastly multiplied. But, you know, I wouldn't want it any other way. Having a big family is fun especially a big loving family. I love to watch the grandchildren playing and enjoying their time together. I enjoy our big family discussions. I just enjoy our family.

What more can you ask for?

(This is a picture is of some of the grandchildren that was taken at church around Easter 2008, I think.)

A Happy Anniversary

This past weekend, Monte and Amy celebrated a Happy Anniversary of 12 yrs. God Bless You and may you have many more!

Women's Power...

This is one totally neat story about Women Lifting a Car off a Pinned Mechanic and saving his life. Now that is women's power! I'd say the Lord wanted that man to live and gave the women an adrenalin rush.

I love to see women get together and do something helpful. It seems like everywhere we turn today whether it is the newsmedia, business or whatever women are throwing their power around in all the wrong ways. But, these ladies used their power to give a man his life. Awesome!

I thought you might enjoy the story and like to read the article and watch the little video.

Sad and Glad...

It was a sad evening because we helped our former Pastor Jon Phillips load up for his new pastorate in Idaho. I picked Merrill up where he was working and we were able to get there and be with the big group of loving friends and family. There were around 20 church families who were there to help load. Afterward, we had a nice time of fellowship.

I'm glad they got the help and love they needed for their transition to their new pastorate. It is so sad to see them go, but I know they will be great leaders for their new church. My husband and myself will admit that they one of our best Pastors & wives. We've enjoyed their leadership, sermons, caring and love.

Pastor Jonathan and Stephanie we appreciate everything that you've done for us. God Bless you with the best of ministries. You'll always be a pleasant memory to us. We are so glad you passed our way!

Big Day...

Sunday was a big day for our church. We had an installation service for our new Pastor Hooker. After the morning service, we had the ground breaking for our new building. After that we had a welcome dinner for Pastor, Jack Hooker and his wife.

We were invited to friends which made it possible for us to be there for the evening service. For those that know us well, we do spend a lot of time on the road on Sundays.

We were really tired Sunday night when we got home with Saturday and Sunday's events, but they are great memories that we're glad that we experienced.

Shout It From The House Tops

I think that we should shout it from the housetops, "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God!" Matthew 16:16

"What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops."Matthew 10:27

Jesus is Christ, Son of the living God and He is the only one who can save the world. He is worthy to be praised, lived for and looking forward to seeing in eternity. He makes life worth living because He saves, gives peace, joy, satisfies, meets our needs and leads us daily. What more can a Christian ask for?

I thought that I would share those thoughts with you today. It seems that people are forgetting who Jesus is. He is not to be taken lightly, mocked or scorned. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but receive everlasting life." John 3:16

God's heart is broken when people treat His Son so badly and when we Christians do not speak out against those who are mocking God, Jesus and God's word, the Bible.

Aren't you tired of reading and hearing about so-called preachers or Christians who live lives that are contrary to what God's word says? There will always be wolves in sheep's clothing, but they don't need to get a free ride. God's people need to speak out and call it what it is, sin. God's people obey Him.

I'm talking today about the world around us is getting totally out of control. A lot of Christians are not standing up and being counted. We are letting newspapers, tv, radio, songs, movies, parades, and other events make fun of God and Christians. Sometimes, we step back and hide or act insulted if another Christian dare say, "Stop, this is wrong." People, God does not want us to be lukewarm. If we don't stand up now, the way things are going, there will come a day when we we will not be able to stand up freely.

If you are a Christian, God wants you to be totally on fire for Him. Live for Him, pray and read His word. Hide His word in your heart so that you know how to live and will not sin against Him.

If you are not a Christian, God is just a prayer away. Ask Him to save you and take away all your sins, and then be determined in your heart to go live it. It will be the greatest decision that you've ever made in your life. God does hear and answer prayer!

This is the Lords day and I just wanted to say something for Him.

God Bless and have a great day!

Family Reunions

Today, was one of my husbands family reunions. It was the Welbaum - Lavy reunion. It is a combined reunion of Merrill's parents and their brothers & sisters and nieces and nephews. Merrill's mom was a Welbaum and of course his dad a Lavy. Kayetta Fourman heads it up and does a great job.

I really like family reunions. It is so much fun to see people, learn what's new in their lives and see how they've changed. We never know what the next year holds because reunions change from time to time with marriages, births and death's.

Of course, the food was great. The greatest part of the good food is that I did not overeat. Now that is an accomplishment!

Oh, yes, the potato salad story. Merrill and I made 4 batches of potato salad yesterday. It took about an hour and I had the potatoes and eggs already boiled. But, we had to peel the potatoes and eggs. They after they were peeled Merrill shredded them. Merrill is learning new skills. I think I'm going to call him the Potato King. He is a great potato frier. Of course, he makes great french toast too, but that is another story.

The recipe came from one of my new cookbooks that I got this summer. It is real similar to the Der Duchman potato salad. My husband is so please that we found this recipe. We are trying to save it for special occasions so that we do not get burnt out on it.

Fried Vegetables

Do you like fried vegetables? Tonight, we will be having fried green tomatoes and squash. I beat an egg and milk together, dip the sliced vegetables in the egg mixture and then in flour before putting them in a skillet to fry. We like them sliced thin esp. the tomatoes. If they are thin, they will be a little crisp when fried. They are so good. The picture is of my tomatoes and squash sliced and ready to cook.

Beth and Isaiah were out today and we picked beans. Beth has enough to can and eat for a meal. I just picked enough for tonight's supper. We picked the rest of the first corn. This is some of the corn that I started inside and transplanted out. It is nice to have early corn and not have to pay the high price at the market.

Watching A Toddler...

Today, I was just watching a toddler. They are busy little people and you never know what they are going to do. One thing for sure toddlers are fun little people because they are always exploring and trying new things. They don't have a lot of fear yet, so that is why they are so much work.

I watched Isaiah so that Beth could go to the doctor for her monthly checkup. He plays very well by himself. He wasn't in the mood to read so that didn't happen long, but he played a long time with his toys. I put him down for his nap, and kept checking on him. Once when I went in he was on the dresser. I think that he is part mountain goat. :) After that, I put him back into bed, kissed him and firmly told him he had to take a nap. He wimpered a little, but went to sleep. That is one reason I love toddlers, they are complex little people always full of surprises.

Taking Down A Stand Of Trees...

Merrill has been so busy the last few weeks that he hasn't been able to get to the little task of taking down a stand of trees. They were willow trees that the birds have carried in down through the years. They root very easily and have been quite a battle around the pond. I'm not really sure why we didn't remove them before now. He didn't have anything to do tonight which is rare, so we decided to get rid of the willows.

These are pictures that I've taken of him removing the trees. By the time I got there they were mostly down, but he was still pulling roots out. We plan to replace them with poplar trees. They are a pretty tree that grows fairly fast. I want to make a new stand of trees where the old ones were. We've already decided how far apart we want them. After the preliminary drawing is made so that we can get an idea of how it will look, I will place the order and get them in as soon as possible. This is really exciting because I have wanted to do it for a few years.

This is a pictures of our orchard. Also, a picture of one of the peach trees that is quite loaded with peaches. Last nights wind blew off quite a few apples, but the peaches held on.

I planted the orchard myself several years ago. It is just now starting to bare quite a bit of fruit. I like to plant trees and my husband is pretty good about it, if I don't put it in the wrong place like over a drain or line.

Glad To Have Them Back...

Ryan and Brandon were fishing in the pond Sat. It is so good to have them back! These are a couple of the pictures that I took of the catfish that Ryan caught. I think they had a lot of fun fishing. I'm not sure how long this cat fish is.

Pleasant Memories...

I was just thinking about the pleasant memories of my youth. Today, I attended the Brethren In Christ camp meeting at the camp grounds that I attended when I was young. It brought back so many old memories of all the fun times and great services that we had many years ago.

I got to talk to old friends that I usually don't see unless I go there. Some friends were there from Canada. One of the reasons I wanted to go, was to see my best friend in high school, but she had already gone home. But, it was an enjoyable time. I don't recall ever hearing the evangelist that spoke when I was young, but then again, he was probably young too and not an evangelist. I guess, I feel younger than I really am, so things don't always seem the way they actually are. :)

I sat with my oldest sons best friend, his mom was a friend of mine who passed away about 3 yrs. ago. I so badly wanted to tell him a story because I was sitting where I could see a familiar cabin, but I contained myself because he was in deep thought and worship. It was a great sermon on salvation, sanctificantion and minding God.

Anyway, back to my brief thoughts on the cabin that I saw. We young teenage girls, could get onery when we got together at camp. A bunch of us young girls decided to pull a prank on this grouchy old lady. She was a real crank! We got a bunch of wind up alarm clocks and set them at different times in the night under her cabin. So, they went off all night long. Well, my guess is, she didn't get much sleep that night! For sure, she was probably too tired to crank. I don't recall us getting into any trouble with anyone. But, it was funny, and yes, I do feel bad and would never do anything like that today! lol

I have more stories to tell, but will have to save them for another time.


"A friend loveth at all times..." - Proverbs 17:17

"Friendships that have stood the test - time and change - are surely best. Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray,friendship never knows decay. Cherish friendship in your breast - new is good, but old is best. Make new friends, but keep the old. Those are silver, these are gold."
-Joseph Parry

I was looking at this scripture and this saying today which reminds us that our friends are valuable to us. They are there for us when the going gets tough, as well as, celebrating our milestones and cherished events. Thank God for the good friends we've gained down through the years.

I'm Just Tired...

The week has caught up with me and I'm just tired... so I'm looking at blogs before I go do something else quite productive like... taking a power nap!

I was looking at my daughter-in-law, Wilma's blog, and found this delightful picture of my son ... in this case ... he takes after his dad. I just had to chuckle and snap the picture to share with you.

Hope you enjoyed the picture and got a little chuckle as well.

Working In The Garden

I've wanted to post garden pictures before now, but never seem to have the camera when we're working. Today, I wanted to share a few pictures that we took this morning.

These are pictures of Beth and Isaiah. We weeded the beans and tomatoes today. Beth is trying to teach Isaiah how to weed. Two yr olds just don't seem to be into weeding!

The picture to the left is the first corn of the season. It is the Early Sunglow that I started inside in styrofoam cups. Hey, it worked, so next yr I may do more. It probably isn't worth doing for other corns, but the Early Sunglow is early and a small, short eared corn. The corn that I planted directly in the ground will be ready in about 7-10 days, so you don't gain a lot. It is just fun to try something different.

There was a tiny, just my size ear of corn for Isaiah. He's never had corn on the cob so he was anxiously anticipating this corn. He got his corn, cooked! :)

We saved an ear for Merrill this evening. Beth didn't think it was fair that we only got one ear. It sure left us looking forward to more.

Welcome Back

Welcome back Paul, Candy, Ryan, Brandon & Carson! Sunday night Paul's family arrived from NC. He was transfered back for his job. This has been a busy week, but they seem to be getting things together.

Paul, Steve and Wayne's family were here last night. My swing set was glad to have little kids swinging and climbing all over it! It was full!!!

We had pizza, cupcakes and icecream. This is a picture of Carson enjoying his cake.


Those of you that know us well, know that we like popcorn. Merrill usually pops corn every evening. At times, he will pop corn and we take it to church and share it with those that like our popcorn. My husband likes small tender corn so that is usually what we grow and purchase.

Last week, when we went to Amish Country in Oh, we purchased around 20 lb of Lady Finger Amish grown popcorn. Today, I put it away in glass jars for storage. While packaging, I noticed that it was July when we purchased it last year. We weren't quite out, so, we just made it.

I thought you might like to see the product. Here are my pictures of the purchased bags and the storage jars.

After we harvest our crop, we should be set with popcorn.


Pictures... at last...

These are from the Phillips reunion a couple weeks ago.

Dad was one of nine children. Two are deceased. The first picture is of my dad with his six remaining brothers and sisters.

Dad is to the right.

Dad's three sisters Aunt Edna, Aunt Pat & Aunt Ruby.

My cousin, John Phillips & myself. (John just won another 6yr. term as judge in Fla. Congratulations John!

Steve & Nick talking to dad.

My brother, Ted, Merrill & Uncle Keith.

Another picture of dad and his brothers & sisters. Uncle Don, Aunt Ruby, Uncle Junior, Aunt Edna, Uncle Albert, Aunt Pat & Dad.

The Outlaws, as we jokingly call them. Uncle Sylvester, Mom, Uncle Keith, Uncle Jim, Aunt Esther & Aunt Gladys.

Of course every picnic has to have its funny, clowning around pictures...

O.K.... get a good picture ... if you can!

You want a picture of me? What kinda face am I suppose to make?

Will this pose work?

A Gift, Turned Down...

My mom called today to offer me a gift that I turned down...

The conversation went something like this. Mom said, " Would you like to have some more cats? Dad and I found a litter of cats that we think you would like. They are a real pretty black and white. You would just love them because they are sooo cute. The kittens were following dad around where ever he went. They are called pole cats." My answer, "Mom, pole cats are skunks. No, I do not want skunks!"

Of course Mom and Dad just laughed at my come back. But, I did suggest that they get rid of the cute little kittens because they will grow up and be one big stink!

Catching Up...

So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks. A reunion, birthdays and a trip. I know that I keep promising pictures. They will come. I will share some soon, promise. For now, I will just share a little.

Sometimes, I am so bad about postings. I get them wrote and let them sit. I don't have time to get the pictures together at that time that I want, but I have the words. That is why my blog makes an explosion of posts at times. Like today, I deleted some earlier unused posts and others I published. Hopefully, I'll improve.

Merrill and I had such a nice trip to Amish Country. We drove and drove through the country. The people are always so friendly and waved. They have some of the most beautiful gardens and flowers. Merrill knows his way around very well, since we gone there many years. It is nice to have your own private guide. :)

We stayed in Berlin, Oh. We walked to the shops in town and looked at all the hand made things that were displayed. I looked and looked for the most perfect birthday gift. I didn't find it in town, but at an Amish country store. I found an Amish canning cookbook that had an old recipe that I wanted and some very interesting things that I would like to try. Merrill bought me the cookbook and we bought some cheese which was totally delicious. Merrill got his popcorn that he likes so well (20 lb.) This is not the kind that we raise, so this is an important purchase for him. We do eat a lot of popcorn and we share a lot of popped popcorn with others. For breakfast and supper, we ate at two delicious Amish restaurants. It was just a pleasant trip!

Saturday morning, we left for Franklin, Pa for a friend's mother's birthday. She was 100 years old. She had 13 children, but one died at a couple weeks old. At her birthday table she sat with her 12 living children. It was neat! Merrill's friend, Paul Ritchey was her last child and he was born in her 40's. She had a couple letters from President Bush, the State of Pa & Dept of Ed.,Pa and a news article on display. She seems to be in great health for a 100 yr. old person.

Wilma, the girls, June Ritchey, Melissa Ritchey and her children and I took a walk through the park and uptown. It had a neat old town look. There were several big beautiful old houses and buildings around this town that I enjoyed looking at.

That just about covers our travels for this time...

Spreading God's Word

Yesterday, on our way back from Pa, this song kept going through my mind. We use to sing it many years ago at church, but I haven't heard it in recent years. We were put here to share the gospel with others. One on one and one at a time. So many times we try to lay our burdens at others feet and expect them to visit, call and share the gospel with those in need, but it is our duty. We are all called. I'm not a theological student by any means except for the excellent preaching that I've heard down through the years, but I think Jesus meant for each of us to individually reach out to the mission field all around us, not just the pastors or church workers in different ministies of the church. For sure, things are getting worse and times are getting short and America's mission field is getting bigger. May God lay some soul on all Christians hearts!

Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart

Lord lay some soul upon my heart ,
and love that soul through me.
And may I ever do my part,
to win that soul for thee.

Top Of The Morning To Ya...

Well, last night was a fun night. I have a little story to share. Kinsey and Caden were spending the night with us. We were going to sleep in the camper. We were trying to get situated which was a story in itself, but I'll just let you imagine a little boy and girl trying to get situated on where they want to sleep. Finally, they decided that they would sleep in the living room.

It was windy and raining outside. Basically, we just had the camper parked at the end of the house, so that we could plug in the electric, and it wasn't anchored, so we could feel the wind. I heard Caden say to Kinsey, the camper is moving and it isn't Grandma! Well, that was the rest of the story. We decided to go in, at the hardest raining time of the evening. By the time we ran from the camper to the house we were soaked. Quite frankly, I prefer to be in a strong, solid house than in a camper in a storm.

It did make a funny memory!

Pictures of The Birthday Girls

Connie (Top), Beth (L), & Amy (R)


Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to us... Connie 60 yrs. old, Beth & Amy ? yrs. old, Breanna 5 yrs. old.

Did I ever tell you the story?...

Thirty years ago I was expecting twins. The fun part of this was that Merrill and I decided not to tell anyone in the family. It is called peace & loads of fun! As my pregnancy progressed and I got the size of a small cow, people did start asking questions. I was put on 3 weeks bed rest in the end. But, believe it or not, I made it to one day before my delivery date. I went into the doctors office and he informed me that I was in labor. I already knew that, but he confirmed it. His office was at the hospital and no matter how much I begged to go home, he wouldn't let me. I was wheeled over to the hospital and my husband was contacted. My labor went fast. I went into hard labor fast and Merrill did not get the papers signed until after the delivery. (I'm not sure that would happen today.) Merrill was there, four nurses and three doctors. All we needed was the cake and ice cream and they could have called it a party! I remember it well, even after all these years. I contained myself with the well taught breathing techniques and provided the world with two wonderful girls.

This was just the beginning... we were the talk of the hospital. I had four boys and now I had twin girls that were born on my 30th birthday! Everyone was talking about it. It was an exciting time. Later, they brought me up a little birthday cake. It was just an amazing thing to happen and lots of people were happy! The grandparents... well, some thought we were putting them on and some just laughed! It was fun and we probably would do it the same way again.

Last, but not least, is this little blond haired girl that was born five years ago on our birthday. This is her big year because she gets to go to school in the fall.

Now, folks, how often does this story happen?

God Bless America

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV